Say they are Windows tech support. How can these people keep calling???? This is the 4th or 5 th time! It is a scam.
 May 06th, 2014
Claiming to be Microsoft (( Prof. Fraude ))
Calling to show you if your Windows PC is infected...
'Guiding you through of where "Viruses are located", will explain you how to remove the "so called" viruses...
what would F***Up You Computer System (if You remove them) and then they would ask you for a Repair Fee for a Remote Repair Service
NOTE: WARNING... Those are FAKES... Fraudes... ID-Theft possible !
Why? Microsoft don't give a shit... if you computer is infected, if their Windows 8 would have a virus
they would probably create a upgrade and sell it as Windows 9 but they would not call you and help you removing it !
WATCH OUT... those are PRO's ! They Sound like Tech-Support !
Number is Registered by PAC - West Telecomm, INC. - 877-626-4325
 Jun 15th, 2013