Jason called my business, leaving a message with my employee that power would be shut off in 45 minutes if I did not call the number to settle the "overdue" payment. Of course I panicked and called him back right away, thinking I was calling PG&E. I figured maybe I forgot to pay or didn't process the payment correctly. It felt very unfair since they were not willing to investigate the discrepancy without sending a previous warning of a missing payment, but I was still in a such a state of panic that I didn't question the validity of their claims. It took me awhile to really understand what I had to do to settle the dispute. Jason was talking so fast and had a pretty thick accent. I started getting very angry so he transferred me to his "supervisor", which I believe was Jason himself. I finally hung up once I realized it was a scam - Jason explained that I would have to pay (again) if I didn't want the power shut off; if the billing department found that they had made a mistake (tomorrow) they would refund me the money plus overdue fees. So, I was then told to go to CVS or Rite Aid, and ask for 2 types of envelopes, pay $500 each…and that's when I ended the call.
 Jul 25th, 2014
Happen to me today 7/22/14
It's a scam!!!!!
Pge does not work that way
 Jul 23rd, 2014
Happened to me today February 4, 2014. My employees received a call from Jason who said he was with the PG&E disconnection service and that he was coming by to disconnect our electric service. The employee gave him my cell phone number and he called me and told me the same thing. I asked him for his name and phone number and told him I don't have gas or electric with PG&E. He said sorry, that he was sent the wrong address in the disconnect email. Wish I would have met him at the location so I could give him his appropriate payment.
 Feb 04th, 2014
Same here just receive it today 01-31-14.
 Jan 31st, 2014
Got a call from the same person saying he was from pg&e and that we owe so much and will disconnect service in 45 minutes too. Scam!
 Dec 27th, 2013
I too received a call from (209)487-5934 and stated that they were from PGE and cutting of my service in 45mins. I don't even have PGE! They said ok and hung up. I called back blocking my number and they answer "Disconnection Department" I told them I was turning them in and called Stockton PGE right away. DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFO THIS IS A SCAM!! I AM SO TIRED OF THESE LOSERS TRYING TO TAKE FROM HARD WORKING PEOPLE!
 Dec 21st, 2013
I received a call today from (209) 487-5934 and stated that they are cutting off my PG&E (gas) in 45 minutes due to none payment. I let them know that I have not received anything in the mail stating I am behind on my payment. He said he can place this in the dispute area but before doing it he needs a payment so our gas is not cut off. My caller ID says that Stockton, CA is calling me and not PG&E. I did not pay the bill and I advise you if you get a call from them DO NOT PAY! It is a scam!
 Dec 20th, 2013