Caller was a scammer with a thick Indian accent, trying to convince us to pay off a debt to the US Treasury. We never answered the phone but he called once before 0900, twice between 1000 and 1030, once around 1115, twice between 1215 and 1235, and twice between 1300 and 1330. He left a message so we did call back to the number, expecting it to be disconnected. The guy answered the phone and started right back into his threatening ruse. We asked him to confirm his area code - he did but refused to say where it was. We told him we knew area code 209 was not the area code for the US Treasury. We also told him we knew better than to fall for one of these scams. He hung up after swearing at us. These scammers are targeting recent immigrants and seniors. They want you to go buy a prepaid VISA card at a 7-11 store, load it with cash, and then give them all the numbers on it so they can then extract the cash by creating a duplicate card and using it at their location. We didn't fall for it - neither should you! (We both work for the federal gov't and I'm a retired military criminal investigator who's dealt with FBI, IRS, DEA, and US Secret Service, plus numerous local and state law enforcement agencies, on cases before.)
Jim D in MD
 Aug 16th, 2015