This isn't the first call from this number and each time, I've noted that the connection drops as soon as I answer. Could be an auto-dialer checking for valid numbers.
 Jan 17th, 2014
Called, didn't say anything, then hung up.
 Jan 17th, 2014
There are a lot of calls going around asking to "update your google business listing". A lot of these are from GLF Marketing. As well as the "Hi, we're from Google Law Firm/Construction Agency/(insert name here related to your business."

They all want to show you a 10 minute demo on how they can "put you on the first page of google"... for like $199 a month. I called the 1-800 number listed for them and asked to be taken off their calling list, and it worked for me. You might try it.

Here is a message written by an ex-employee of this solicitor:

"I just wanted to say that...I recently got offered a job with Google Law Firm...I thought it was a legit business, and I have made over 600 calls in a two day period. After 2 days of working there, I feel like the work I am doing is a scam...I just get the run around from my boss when I ask him what the end result of this is. And we aren't selling anything on the call, what we are saying is that we want to set up a free 10 min. demo for you to see how your firm can be placed on the front page of google whenever a potential client wants to find you by a your speciality, without knowing your name or where you are located....but...if you decide to keep it, it costs you $199/mo. to keep the service..there are no contracts or per click fees, or cancellation fees involved....that is what they are telling us to tell you anyways....I don't know what the end result is..because I am not the IT person that handles it...I am just an appointment setter for these people....I was excited when I got the job, because I was a stay at home mom with 2 kids...I needed a job to keep a roof over our heads, the pay was better than minimum wage and the hours fit into the kids' school schedule...and it was a REALLY relaxed atmosphere...dress code was...just no holes...simple enough. I even brought my daughter back to work with me on my first day....bc it was her half day of the school week and have to sitter available for her yet. But after working one day....I didn't want to go back...I just feel like I am part of the scam and I don't want to be a part of it...but in order to get back on State help legitimately until I can find a REAL job...I have to stick it out until either I get fired for not scheduling enough appointments per day or the state says I can The 1-800# for this company if you want to tell someone off is the following Google Law Firm Marketing 1-800-480-6121. Their website is; FYI, what seems like we are just hanging up on you when you are answering the phone has an explanation....We are on a headset on an auto dialer...but the dialog box that says WHO we are calling sometimes does not show up until after you have answered the phone...and sometimes, more often than not, there is NO dial tone on OUR end to hear that someone has even picked up the phone. I just want to express that I NEVER hung up on anyone or EVER was rude to anyone when I called and I ALWAYS took ppl off the call list if I was asked to. Even though the boss was not happy with me...I still did it...bc if it were me and I got the same call like 10 times in a day...I would be very pissed off too. I don't know what the number is that I am calling from when I am there, but there are 3 of us at this office and then the boss as well. The boss isn't even working under his legal name...if that tells you anything right there! Plus apparently there is another office in Portland, OR that has many more employees working there. I work at the Vancouver, WA office. I apologize for this scamming company...and hopefully something can be done about it soon. I think I am just going to quit before I get state approval, I cannot justify working for a scammer one more minute of my life. I am NOT that kind of person....I AM better than this. I don't want to go back on STATE help, but I have to do what I have to do, to keep a roof over me and my children's heads. Good luck with getting these b*****ds shut down before they rob anymore of you of your time and money and their employees of their pride and dignity. Also, another FYI, residential numbers are able to be put on a no call list...but commercial/businesses are NOT....your business is NOT protected from solicitors!!!"
 Jan 09th, 2014
Phone rang once, so I called back, got recording about promotional offers. Another time waster immediately added to the block list on my cell.
Nick Name
 Jan 08th, 2014
We have received this call every day for a month. We have pressed 9 to be removed from their listing. Today I pressed 1 to talk to someone. He said his name was Mark. I told him that I wanted off his list and that it was illegal for him to continue to call me with his Robocalls. He stated that he was 1 of many companies that used this dialer. He stated that they were doing everything legal and he would remove me off of his list.
 Jan 08th, 2014