I am so tired of this. My phone rings about once an hour, I pick up and there's just this whispery static on the other end. I expect the little girl's voice to say "....SEVEN DAYS". This has happened twice today. The first time it was UNKNOWN CALLER and the second time it was CAPOLYC which I think is the same people who claim to be the policemen's benevolent fund. Ha!
 Feb 04th, 2013
Dont know who they are, don't care, didn't answer. Pretty sure not a political call, since election was yesterday. However election day does sort of launch us into The Season of Giving, as in charitable giving. Which I'm fine with, but please DON'T CALL ME FOR A DONATION!!! I know better than to make donations over the phone. And I always research the percentage of my donation that goes to the cause, and the amount for administrative costs.
 Nov 08th, 2012