This number texted me in response to a craigslist ad I posted. The texting seemed normal at first but then I got suspicious near the end of our agreement when they put parenthesis around the item type (i.e: “I really liked the (pocket watch) you listed”). Then I noticed that they didn’t acknowledge that I lowered the price for them and offered to pay me the full price plus more for the item. They wanted to pay through PayPal (which would have normally been fine). I was suspicious but not 100% until they sent the “PayPal” e-mails wanting me to confirm payment. These e-mails went directly to my spam and wanted you to click links/fill out information. It said I received money from a Rose Jenny but later in the e-mail I would be mailing the item to a Shylaquise Bryant in California. I forwarded all the e-mails to and also forwarded the e-mails to “Rose Jenny”’s e-mail address just in case she is a real person and that someone was trying to use her account. You can easily google this Shylaquise Bryant character and find her exact address and real phone number 661-348-4168 and 121 K St Bakersfield, CA 93304). I’m not sure if Ms. Bryant is even responsible but someone is using her name. Either way, watch out with this number.
 Jan 08th, 2014