3392092074 WCF

(339) 209-2074 is a Utility Scam
Do not answer.
Conducting a heavy spamming operation including web and blog and posting forums.
The spamming is being conducted for the purpose of Economic Terrorism. -
OrgName: The Zip Connection
Address: 6910 Roosevelt Way NE #122
City: Seattle
(206) 784-4215
(206) 784 4215
206 784 4215
7525 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 784-4215
Current Age 60

Home address
11027 19th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125-6547

More addresses coming back to the same person
Supposed currents:
1120 8th Ave Apt 1103
Seattle WA 98101-2565
Throughout the year I have received several threatening phone calls from the people behind this phone number and as a result of my investigation I found out the scam callers names are Jack Walker room 206, and the landlord Sue Patel of the Potter Hotel, of which is a residential SRO located at 1288 Mission Street, San Francisco, 94103. This is a residence for individuals with low income and they have been doing this scam to several of thousands of people for over 10 years; getting away with it; posing to be housing realtors, short term money and mortgage loans, as well as do identity thefts (taking over deceased peoples SSI / Will money / estates) etc. I used geolocation and the program, "Trapcall" to find their locations from the various numbers they used to call me, of which include: 805-637-7243, 855-367-4537, 323-229-8205, 203-242-0031, 209-696-7205, 800-430-4263, 415-410-7405, 442-243-5491, 323-219-4497, 415-231-1572, 415-345-3433, 415-262-2600. The problem I'm currently dealing with is where the money they got from me went to.
 Oct 29th, 2018
An unwanted call from this Phoenix VOIP number was received in violation of the Do Not Call law. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

This perpetrator has been flagged as IEPAC, a political troll that also robocalls from (209) 255-0727. AVOID THESE SHYSTERS!
 Oct 23rd, 2018
Also see 774-209-5415

Scam. I'm in OHIO and have received calls telling me they wanted to talk about my supply charges and even gave me a number to reference when i called back, which i didn't do. Today's call was from 610-379-2548. Call back number was 419-495-5125. Definitely a scam as one call said it was in regards to Vectren gas bill and Vectren doesn't even service our area. Another call didn't even say what statement I was supposed to have handy.
 Oct 09th, 2018
Artisanal Abortifacients, Frijolero Centro Refugio DACA 'Fritz Haarman' Presbyterian Polygender Alliance Rev Trey Hegar, Tarsicio Macias, Rev Lori Wunder 209 Ridgevale Lane, Pleasant Hill, California 94523-3504
 Oct 06th, 2018
This is a call about the Roundup Lawsuit. They say you filed a complaint. Also 615-209-9679 does the same wording, different number.
 Sep 25th, 2018
IRS scam. Robomessage saying if I didn't contact them within 24 hours they were calling the "cops" to come to my house to arrest me. Got a second identical message about 2 hours later from 313-209-6268.
 Aug 24th, 2018
209-230-5204 called cell 20 July 2018 at 3:41p EST. CID reads Merced, CA. Spoofed call from Melissa Ann Wright.
 Jul 30th, 2018
Another unwanted call from this Los Angeles VOIP number arrived today, less than 3 months since the last unwanted call in April. Once again, when the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The predator has been flagged as a scam contractor (probably unlicensed), who also phones from (323) 209-3285. The venerable website describes both numbers as "scam or fraud."
 Jul 24th, 2018
209 277 5888 is a spam caller telling you they see your computer has a problem.
 Jul 10th, 2018
Li Sadler
Bardolino Ct
Stockton, California
 Jun 05th, 2018
209-269-0620 This number threatens that they are going to take away their offer of a “great credit card” because I have not responded to numberous attempts to contact me! They will not stop calling me despite my requests! Getting me very Pis”ed off!
 Feb 07th, 2018
209-268-0620: Called our place of business, recorded message RE "credit card debt" since I had "ignored their previous messages" they would cancel offer... Good grief...t
his business does not have a credit card...
 Jan 16th, 2018
+1 563-209-9195 Called me claiming to be the IRS putting my family under investigation for fraud. To anyone who receives this call, a warning: The IRS will NEVER call someone first to contact the person receiving the call unless it is a scheduled call previously talked about personally with a representative at the IRS. The IRS has stated this many times and This information is on their website. If you question the validity of this number still, please Google the real IRS number and call them. The number is different for every state but please do not call the number this automated machine gives you.
 Dec 22nd, 2017
801-980-8475, 804-410-4287, 804-442-7734, 805-380-6843, 812-359-8294, 812-727-5026, 813-540-0592, 815-219-7172, 815-277-1257, 816-888-6043, 817-367-2726, 817-367-2727, 817-381-2139, 818-827-6887, 818-875-0788, 832-639-4318, 832-743-5135, 832-800-3839, 832-925-3739, 847-250-6774, 847-978-6474, 850-332-2237, 850-466-7483, 850-542-2432, 850-684-2089, 855-266-4045, 855-912-6961, 858-633-6138, 859-813-0148, 860-414-3127, 860-442-0519, 860-537-0852, 862-256-4618, 863-336-1332, 863-546-4904 901-235-2114, 903-224-6979, 903-385-7838, 908-485-7761, 909-346-3118, 913-583-2621, 913-667-0441, 914-295-6820, 601-273-6517, 601-869-0357, 601-974-9928, 602-529-9281, 603-837-4056, 607-744-6475, 608-492-0193, 608-561-7606, 610-713-8460, 612-746-7874, 614-738-8397, 614-758-7407, 617-209-9193, 617-302-7795, 617-804-5075, 619-432-5549, 619-719-1465, 623-252-2935, 630-557-9564, 636-299-0887, 636-321-7976, 636-364-8011, 646-470-2741, 646-653-2182, 651-321-7398, 657-207-6299, 661-425-0810, 662-228-5727, 662-452-0199, 662-882-5727, 667-401-3174, 678-741-9561 702-582-7045, 702-793-2126, 702-840-1420, 703-239-3679, 703-634-4515, 704-350-2475, 706-383-3956, 706-510-7424, 706-521-3450, 706-553-8014, 706-804-2417, 501-232-1970, 502-208-9947, 503-386-8511, 503-770-6684, 503-776-6420, 503-850-0348, 503-854-7701, 503-987-8266, 504-209-7141, 504-226-1714, 504-230-0734, 504-308-0823, 504-313-1196, 504-315-3921, 504-320-3626, 504-407-2329, 504-408-0434, 504-419-3971, 504-475-0893, 504-475-1898, 504-475-6768, 504-475-6985, 504-500-3946, 504-500-7197, 504-507-8030, 504-507-8931, 504-507-9059, 504-510-8663, 504-513-3561, 504-513-3712, 504-517-7478, 504-517-8655, 504-539-8461, 504-541-0823, 504-556-2341, 504-579-8530, 504-596-9179, 504-603-0891, 504-603-7448, 504-641-7932, 504-666-9391, 504-671-0731, 401-300-4671, 401-542-2786, 402-235-6694, 402-256-0362, 402-256-4177, 402-256-4461, 402-265-0510, 402-285-3248, 402-285-5293, 402-285-5707, 402-285-6486, 402-285-7636, 402-285-8252, 402-302-0157, 402-313-6073, 402-382-7310, 402-383-7364, 402-401-4442, 402-403-9498, 402-417-0726, 402-478-8227, 402-512-5094, 402-512-6067, 402-739-9160, 402-749-2485, 402-782-1668, 402-807-3487, 402-809-2566, 402-809-2597, 402-819-7584, 402-819-9049, 402-819-9074, 402-819-9227, 402-819-9239, 402-870-4422, 402-870-6665, 402-913-0657, 402-915-3608, 402-925-0136, 402-925-4487, 402-939-7803, 404-594-7704,301-882-2491, 302-408-0592, 305-204-2915, 305-204-8427, 305-204-2915, 310-924-6547, 312-585-2914, 313-312-5107, 313-444-6360, 313-451-0271, 313-451-1038, 313-744-3582, 314-329-1084, 316-202-2753, 317-324-8316, 317-420-2550, 317-520-2632, 317-643-4691, 317-647-0942, 317-820-0487, 318-302-8292, 318-309-7390, 318-406-1459, 318-575-4120, 318-582-0897, 318-595-0402, 318-754-0619, 319-333-7640, 320-373-7440, 321-222-0847, 321-300-2841, 321-804-0237, 323-577-7392, 323-736-4092, 325-261-5328, 334-219-8264, 334-357-6971, 334-375-8069, 334-375-8484, 334-377-8479, 334-403-5724, 334-610-2573, 201-335-6329, 201-429-5856, 202-838-6389, 203-443-1709, 203-493-6684, 204-815-1611, 205-289-7413, 205-392-2104, 206-455-6794, 207-307-0074, 207-307-0133, 207-331-4500, 207-424-0342, 207-447-9160, 207-558-5269, 207-558-5482, 207-614-6174, 207-806-0945, 207-808-l898, 208-214-3146, 208-261-1210, 209-379-5532, 209-713-7443, 209-800-8180, 210-399-4872, 210-802-6754, 210-876-6206, 210-987-8126, 213-263-7774, 213-342-4099, 214-400-6889, 214-506-7449, 214-612-2001, are ALL Craigslist Scammer numbers.
 Dec 04th, 2017
Running spam bots, conducting economic terrorism and causing damage to other businesses with the spam operation. This one transfers to the next one down on the list here.
Registrant Name: Gorilla Domain-Names
Registrant Name: Gorilla Domain-Names
Name Server: NS2.ZIPCON.NET
Name Server: NS1.ZIPCON.NET

Phone: (206) 784-4215
Phone Number: 12067844215
Carrier: CenturyLink
Is Wireless: n
7525 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Newest uploaded screen captures:

 Nov 30th, 2017
Scammer - fraudulent legal firm or bill collector. Female called my office and left a voice mail. "This message is intended for ___________. Mrs. __________ this is regarding Claim/File # 654….. This is the Dispatch office of [???] calling to confirm your address at home or work as I have confidential documents which I need to schedule delivery for. Please call us back at 855-209-5597 and reference Claim/File # 654….. " [Cross Ref caller id # 832-645-2095]
 Oct 24th, 2017
Sears Gas Co
209 Ship Pond Rd
Plymouth MA.
 Oct 20th, 2017
Sears Gas Co
209 Ship Pond Rd
Plymouth MA.
 Oct 19th, 2017
209-759-2503 just called our business. Caller ID came up as "Clements CA". Knew right away that it was going to be a scam call. Answered and within second of dead air, then heard the tell tale "Bloop" sound, which is ALWAYS some type of SCAM call. We didn't even bother to wait for the monkey with a script to fully speak. We just hung up on them and blocked the number instantly.
 Oct 18th, 2017
209-237-0014 just called our business. Caller ID showed up as "Tracy CA". Didn't even bother to answer the call. Had already open to look up another number and simply did a search for this number while it was ringing. Found the complaints, then lifted the receiver and immediately hung up on the call. Blocking the number now.
 Sep 25th, 2017
Unsolicited loan call. Came from private number to my mobile. Return number, 209 210 3351, goes to a MagicJack answering service.
 Sep 06th, 2017
Rec'd a msg asking me to call this number, 206-209-1045, Officer Brenda Watkins from the US Treasury Crime Investigation Unit saying there was a warrant for my arrest and giving me a case number. Msg said I needed to call. Reported it to the FCC complaint department for scams and to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
 Aug 14th, 2017
Left two messages from two different numbers: 209-297-2841 and 315-203-1876. Automated voice threatening warrant for my arrest. Creepy. Obviously, a fraud. Did not call back.
New York
 Aug 01st, 2017
anyone know who calls from this # 678.209-2291
 May 30th, 2017
+1 (209) 585-7795
 Apr 16th, 2017
209-674-7036 -- Obviously a scammer. This number traces to California, Merced/Stockton area (in general) and SHOULD NOT be trusted. They called me twice in only a few minutes. A credit, or credit card scam. Give them no information at all. Both calls to me were three rings, then they hung up. My phone logged the call but the phone didn't ring. This phone number has many complaints against it, which should tell you something. Buy a call blocker and put this number in it.
 Mar 23rd, 2017
Scam. Received a call on my cell and they left a recorded message: "... in regards to the supply charges on your electric account, be sure to give me a call back at 774-209-5415. I have a copy of your statement to review with you and apply your reduced supply benefit. Once again my number is 774-209-5415 reference number E009834"

We live in a small town where the electric company is so local they know us by name so this is a scam!!
 Feb 21st, 2017
I received this same info from Mrs Wilson today, number 774-209-5415. No plan to call back.
 Feb 20th, 2017
Wow, I received this IDENTICAL same info...I'm wondering if there is a recorded message they leave on voicemail as I do NOT answer an unknown #.

Scam. Same call today at 2:43pm inquiring about supply charges on electric account. She (Mrs. Wilson) stated on my voicemail to have a copy of my electric bill/statement ready to review and apply my benefits. Same reference number "echo" e003834.

Incoming call 866-283-6532, with a call back number (774) 209-5415.
 Feb 20th, 2017
Scam. Called my cell today inquiring about supply charges on my electric bill. 'Mrs. Wilson" stated on the voicemail to have a copy of my electric bill/statement ready to review and apply my benefits. Same reference number "echo" e003834. Incoming call 866-283-6532, with a call back number (774) 209-5415. Mrs. Wilson must have nothing better to do. Perhaps she should find out where Mr. Wilson is.
 Feb 17th, 2017
774-209-5415 Call Mrs Wilson back if you want to be scammed
 Feb 16th, 2017
Same Mrs. Wilson, same reference # E003834 as others have reported. She also left 774-209-5415 as a call-back number. She never mentions a company, just her last name. I am in MA, but I won't be calling her back!
 Feb 16th, 2017
Scam. Same call today at 4:35pm inquiring about supply charges on electric account. She (Mrs. Wilson) stated on my voicemail to have a copy of my electric bill/statement ready to review and apply my benefits. I surely hope Mrs. Wilson is not holding her breath, on a return call! Same reference number "echo" e003834. DO NOT CALL BACK, this is a scam!!! Incoming call 866-283-6532, with a call back number (774) 209-5415.
 Feb 16th, 2017
Same Mrs. Wilsom, same reference # E003834, though she called from 866-253-5632. Still left 774-209-5415 as a call-back number. I also have not been in Massachusetts in 5 years, but have my cell phone # tied to that state, so pretty much confirmed this is a scam.
 Feb 16th, 2017
1-800-683-8341 on caller ID ...Mrs. Wilson calling in regard to my electric supply charges, be sure to give her a call. Provided a reference number, wanted me to have my electric statement handy, and urged me to return her call at 774-209-5415. She can keep waiting. Scam!
 Feb 10th, 2017
"This is Mrs Wilson calling in regards to the supply charges on you L.S. Trick account..uh be sure to give me a call back at 774 209 5415..and uh have a copy of your statement and review..." . The caller ID was 888-365-9781
 Feb 09th, 2017
Michael from Dealer Processing Center about my car's warranty to cell phone on DNCL.
Also earlier call today from 209-445-2001.
 Jan 03rd, 2017
617-209-2020 - FAV, Belmont, MA
Foundation for American Vets.

 Nov 30th, 2016
617) 209-2020

Found Amer Vets

Spam Call
Charity Scam
 Nov 13th, 2016
ELW Environmental Carpet Cleaning
Des Plaines, IL, 60018
(312) 209-9413
Our company prefers commercial and residential cleaning with strong emphasis on commercial in Des Plaines, IL. We take care for our clients with extremely professional cleaning services.
Cleaning Service, Carpet Cleaning , Commercial Cleaning, Upholstery Services, Wood floor cleaning
Kate Kooper
 Apr 04th, 2016
 Mar 29th, 2016
Justa Clowning Around
Ceres, CA, 95307
(209) 531-6823

Cindy and Jim Pelc of Just Clowning Around are experienced, quality entertainers creating a unique blend of color,
comedy and magic. Our performances are educational, entertaining and fun; a winning combination that delights
thousands of people every year! We learned our skills attending and sponsoring many classes and seminars.
We refined our skills in private training with circus legend, Frosty Little, at that time the only
living Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Master Clown. We believe that clowning, comedy and
magic are traditions; treasures to be experienced and shared.

Party Clown, Party Entertainment, Birthday Clown, Birthday Clown Service, Face Painting, Joggling, Entertainment
Party Clown, Party Clown Entertainment
 Mar 22nd, 2016
Auto Glass Pros Newberg
209 N Garfield St STE B, Newberg, OR, 97132
(503) 455-8402

Auto Glass Pros Newberg is a well known auto glass service provider in the Newberg, OR area. Reach our auto glass repair
team at 541-636-8000 now.

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 Mar 22nd, 2016
Derant Pro Painting & Construction
Rochester Hills, MI, 48307
(248) 209-1706

Derant Painting Construction offers a wide variety of services like general contracting, Commercial Painting (Interior and Exterior)/ Decks/ Hardwood Trim/ Expoxy floors / Hardwood Floors /Finished Hardwood Floors services.

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 Mar 15th, 2016
Epic Car Wash and Detail
4301 McHenry Ave, Suite F, Modesto, CA, 95356
(209) 566-4855

Epic Car Wash and Detail is the place to go in Modesto, CA to get your car well cleaned up. We have been doing this for a long time now so you can trust our great services. Give us a call now!

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 Mar 03rd, 2016
Manny’s Heating and Air
355 E 22nd St, Tracy, CA, 95376
Carbona, Lyoth, Banta
(209) 752-0347

When it comes to your heating and cooling needs the only company you need to know is Manny’s Heating and Cooling. We are servicing the Tracy area for all your HVAC needs and look forward to doing business with you!
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 Feb 29th, 2016
Rudy's Tents
Gustine, CA, 95322
Newman, CA, Ingomar, CA, Stevinson, CA, Volta, CA, Hills Ferry, CA
(209) 245-0037

Rudy's Tents company manufactures a heavy duty long life of America -made tent high quality vinyl, used revival tents for carnivals and circus Rudy's Tents company manufactures tents pole of rental industry for wedding parties, meetings.
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 Feb 29th, 2016
Averys Construction
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 Feb 23rd, 2016
Sylva's Mobile Welding
Delhi, CA, 95315
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 Feb 18th, 2016
209-326-0251 let ans machine pick-up- Caller left no message. guess it wasn't such a critical "ALERT"
 Feb 15th, 2016
All American Truck & Trailer Repair
2663 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI, 48216
(313) 209-4401

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 Feb 05th, 2016
BMA Construction LLC
Berlin, CT, 06037
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 Feb 03rd, 2016
KRB Appliance Repair
Manteca, CA, 95336
(209) 815-1389
 Jan 19th, 2016
Eternal River School
209 N Main St Ste B, North Brookfield, MA, 01535
(508) 335-9500
Varna Bulgaria
 Jan 11th, 2016
Martin Ramsey Painting and Home Improvement
Detroit, MI, 48223
(313) 209-5194
Varna Bulgaria
 Jan 08th, 2016
Caller ID said, Name Not Found. I let the answering machine pick up, and a robo-caller claimed to be the IRS, that this was "official final notice," or a lawsuit would be filed against us -- or rather, a person not named. The robo-caller directed us to call 209-813-4131.

According to frequent statements from the local TV news, this is a scam going around, that the IRS never calls, but will only send a letter.
 Dec 15th, 2015
(206) 209-1536 Caller ID says "Unknown Name." I did not pick up, they left no message. A callback on got an immediate hangup.
 Dec 03rd, 2015
White Knight Construction
Albuquerque, NM, 87123
(505) 209-9172
 Oct 30th, 2015
Officer John white. Claim they are from IRS and a warrant is out for my arrest. Wanted a call back to 209 8130136
 Oct 28th, 2015
Found a VM from this # (209)-753-4505 that a 'warrant of arrest' had been issued against me and to call him back to 'make arrangements' to avoid arrest. You can imagine what the demand for those 'arrangements' will be. This is unbelievable that our criminal justice system is so broken that criminal cons like these can perpetrate their crimes in such daring manner..
 Oct 22nd, 2015
Found a VM from this # (209)-753-4505 that a 'warrant of arrest' had been issued against me and to call him back to 'make arrangements' to avoid arrest. You can imagine what the demand for those 'arrangements' will be. This is unbelievable that our criminal justice system is so broken that criminal cons like these can perpetrate their crimes in such daring manner..
 Oct 22nd, 2015
Terry's Sew and Vac
18138 A Main St, Jamestown, CA, 95327
(209) 984-4433
Service, Sales, Repair, Over 30 Years Experience, All Makes and Models
Vacuum Cleaner Repair, Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop, Sewing Machine Repair Service, Sewing Machine Repair, Vacuum Cleaner Repair Service
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Jenny Looker
 Oct 22nd, 2015
Living Color Construction & Remodeling
2204 Westcourt Ln #209, Herndon, VA, 20170
Floris, VA
(703) 382-1433
"Quality is never an accident."
Construction Contractor, Construction Service, General Constructions, General Construction Service, Home Remodeling,Construction Company, Commercial Constructions, Remodeling Contractor, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling
Rebeca Andrews
 Sep 30th, 2015
Someone named "Jessica" called from 937-209-2000 and tried to get me to see a doctor in Troy ohio. She also asked if I was given pain killers as a result from a recent accident. This is some kind of scam, exactly what. She was unsure of the doctors hours. It sounded like she was saying Doctor Bryson. Said he is located near a tractor supply store in Troy, OH. When I didn't agree to the initial appointment, and asked her to call me back later she said I would need to speak to her supervisor. She said their main number is 937-780-8154.
 Sep 16th, 2015
315-203-8532 -aka- 206-397-1178 -aka- 206-792-9399 -aka- 209-220-1978 -aka- 216-202-5998 -aka- 310-251-5420 -aka- 458-201-0875 -aka- 855-853-6346 -aka- Merchant Solutions Group -aka- BIZ LOANS -aka- CALLERID4u -aka- Go Accredited just called our business, yet again. Caller ID showed up as Adams NY. Different number this time, but same as always, it's an Illegal Robocall. The call was from Ashley and she was calling to inform us that our small business qualifies for a shady supposedly low interest loan that in very tiny, almost impossible to read without a microscope, print lets you know that it's actually balloon rate adjustable interest rate that will go from 12 percent to 75 percent overnight, and that their scumbag company will ruin your credit rating almost overnight, and when you suddenly can't make the payments that they will place your business, illegally mind you, into multiple collection agencies, thereby furthering the damage to your businesses credit rating. No thanks Ashley -aka- Shikho Rizvi, IT Director at Merchant Solutions Group, I think we'll pass on your supposed low interest rate small business loan SCAM, but I have no problems reporting your illegal robocalls to the, and the website since your company obviously doesn't feel the need to follow federal laws and has no problems trying to rip people off.
Not Important
 Sep 14th, 2015
Studio 1931 Inc
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 209-4442
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Albert Thomsan
 Aug 21st, 2015
Caller was a scammer with a thick Indian accent, trying to convince us to pay off a debt to the US Treasury. We never answered the phone but he called once before 0900, twice between 1000 and 1030, once around 1115, twice between 1215 and 1235, and twice between 1300 and 1330. He left a message so we did call back to the number, expecting it to be disconnected. The guy answered the phone and started right back into his threatening ruse. We asked him to confirm his area code - he did but refused to say where it was. We told him we knew area code 209 was not the area code for the US Treasury. We also told him we knew better than to fall for one of these scams. He hung up after swearing at us. These scammers are targeting recent immigrants and seniors. They want you to go buy a prepaid VISA card at a 7-11 store, load it with cash, and then give them all the numbers on it so they can then extract the cash by creating a duplicate card and using it at their location. We didn't fall for it - neither should you! (We both work for the federal gov't and I'm a retired military criminal investigator who's dealt with FBI, IRS, DEA, and US Secret Service, plus numerous local and state law enforcement agencies, on cases before.)
Jim D in MD
 Aug 16th, 2015
Scott & Scott Cleaning Services LLC
Taylor, MI, 48180
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 Aug 14th, 2015
Siciliano Window & Door
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 Aug 12th, 2015
Cole AK Karate & Martial Arts
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 Jul 31st, 2015
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 Jul 30th, 2015
AA Tree and Lawn Service
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 Jul 23rd, 2015
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Paul Seaman
 Jul 21st, 2015
Caller ID shows Fair Processing, a well known merchant processing scammer who has hidden fees, charges excessive rates and holds back a large amount of your funds for future charge-backs. These scammers also call from other numbers around the country such as 971-320-1051, 623-208-5574, 207-618-6061, 207-209-2580 and 574-575-4227.

BTW, Panasonic makes some good call blocking cordless phone sets, such as the KX-TG454 SK or KX-TG465 SK which both block up to 250 phone numbers. The Ooma phone system blocks 254 phone numbers and the T-Lock Call Blocker, which connects to your phone line, blocks 1500 phone numbers. You should check them out on eBay or Amazon if you want to block telemarketing calls. Hope this helps.
 Jul 03rd, 2015
A1 Zuzu HVAC Services Co.
Modesto, CA, 95354
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Kimmy Hooper
 Jun 29th, 2015
(209) 782-8675 fresh number (6-27-2015) being used for SPAM about interest rates. No other reports found as of today. Probably offering no service at all just trying to get account info to steal funds. "Local" sent as the spoofed caller ID but the number is nowhere near local. Call probably originated with overseas organized crime, channeled through a US voip provider using spoofed number ID. New technology soon will remove anonynimty from this little trick. Block before you get the call, my recommendation.
 Jun 27th, 2015
The Number: (209) 854-4999 is no longer accepting My Calls (Immediate 'Busy' Signal)... Oh Well ~ So much for making New Friends.
J. Bailey (MA. USA)
 May 27th, 2015
I keep getting a call from 1-209-230-1336 and when I go to answer the call they hang up they have been calling off and on for a long time and when I call back it say this number is no longer in service. How can it no longer in service but it calls my phone.
 May 14th, 2015
Tri-Valley Gardens
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 May 13th, 2015
207-614-6174 is back at it again on,and other classified websites, fraudulently 'selling' RV's, Cars, Trucks, SUV's, 4 Wheelers, etc. None of the items they claim to be selling do they actually own. It's nothing more than a Wire Transfer/Western Union money scam. They respond with info about it, but claim that it's located in another state and that they'll have it delivered to you via a shipping company and that you'll have to pay for the shipping. IT'S A SCAM! Don't fall for it. The number 207-614-6174, along with 203-443-1709, 207-307-0074, 207-307-0133, 207-331-4500, 207-424-0342, 207-447-9160, 207-808-l898, 209-713-7443, 209-800-8180, 210-399-4872, 214-612-2001, 224-585-9537, 228-265-0685, 252-256-9706, 254-307-1327, 256-273-9651, 256-580-6286, 312-585-2914, 317-324-8316, 317-420-2550, 317-520-2632, 334-357-6971, 347-501-6075, 360-443-7423, 385-200-8166, 385-233-3950, 386-244-7740, 404-594-7704, 406-281-7208, 406-668-1746, 432-827-8451, 443-692-7637, 443-826-9046, 503-386-8511, 503-770-6684, 512-253-3283, 512-273-4135, 512-309-8454, 512-355-6485, 512-359-7143, 515-465-1012, 516-730-4711, 520-356-8454, 540-296-4369, 567-343-5746, 603-837-4056, 619-719-1465, 623-252-2935, 636-321-7976, 636-364-8011, 651-321-7398, 661-425-0810, 707-362-8422, 717-256-1788, 718-626-5233, 727-777-4787, 786-322-4122, 805-380-6843, 815-219-7172, 818-827-6887, 818-875-0788, 832-800-3839, 850-684-2089, 860-442-0519, 860-537-0852, 903-385-7838, 913-583-2621, 917-283-2401, 914-295-6820, 917-724-0009, 917-727-6116, 919-917-9149, 971-205-2088 are all the same type of scumbag business - RIPPING PEOPLE OFF on CRAIGSLIST!
Not Important
 May 08th, 2015
Same crap, different day. These computer scamming shitforbrains, foreign-accented assholes have called several times this week, and twice this morning already. In addition to calling from 209-217-3608, they also called from 702-299-6042 less than 20 minutes ago. Since we know that these mush-mouthed cocksucker (their English is atrocious) are scammers, looking for your credit card info to "fix" your computer, you can either hang up on them or string them along and get them to waste time with them. They really hate it when you tell them that they sound like a terrorist or from their lisp, they sound like a peter puffer. They probably are not on US soil, so are out of reach. I let one talk to the dog the other day, too.
The Sarge
 May 02nd, 2015
Abc Roofing Specialists
10 Callejon Colibri, El Rancho, NM, 87506-7231
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Varna Bulgaria
 Apr 22nd, 2015
H.A. Landscaping Inc
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Kenny White
 Apr 22nd, 2015
Brian Cannon is using several numbers from different areas to scam. Threatening texts being sent. Wants me to send money to Nigeria
Other numbers used
Nigeria 234-818-747-7810
Please stop
 Apr 16th, 2015
This is a phony police charity call. I also got a call from these criminals yesterday from the number
Under no circumstances give these people any money.
None of your donation goes to help police and their families.
 Mar 25th, 2015
Duffey's Heating & Air Conditioning of Lakewood
Lakewood, CO, 80226
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 Mar 25th, 2015
Caller ID showed this number as New York call. Female left a voicemail to call 209-813-0138 and that this was a final notice from the IRS and that there was a lawsuit against me. Bogus; I have heard these people try to scare you into sending them money.
 Mar 10th, 2015
Received a call from a number I didn't recognize, let it go to my answering machine. Woman said she was from the IRS, this was the last time they were going to contact me, and that they were going to sue me. Directed me to call 209-643-0152 about my "case". Scam call. I have no issues with the IRS.
 Mar 05th, 2015
IRS Fraud Alert, female caller, very broken English spoken, refers calls to 209-243-6009
 Feb 27th, 2015
Fake IRS type call from female that had NO COMMAND of English language caller stated to call 209-243-6009 immediately.
 Feb 27th, 2015
The recording said that the IRS is filing suit against me and that I should call 209-643-0152 to discuss the matter.
 Feb 27th, 2015
Caller ID shows Fair Processing, a well known merchant processing scammer who has hidden fees, charges excessive rates and holds back a large amount of your funds for future charge-backs. These scammers also call from other numbers around the country such as 971-320-1051, 207-618-6061, 207-209-2580 and 574-575-4227.

BTW, Panasonic makes some good call blocking cordless phone sets, such as the KX-TG454 SK or KX-TG465 SK which both block up to 250 phone numbers. The Ooma phone system blocks 254 phone numbers and the T-Lock Call Blocker, which connects to your phone line, blocks 1500 phone numbers. You should check them out on eBay or Amazon if you want to block telemarketing calls. Hope this helps.
 Feb 04th, 2015
Caller ID shows Fair Processing, a well known merchant processing scammer who charges excessive rates. When you call the number back, a recording by an unidentified company says, if you know your party's extension please dial it now. Pressing "0" is not a working extension; another sign that Fair Processing is a scammer. The recording repeats a couple of times, then it hangs up on you. They also call from 207-209-2580.

I noticed that Costco currently sells two Panasonic cordless phone sets, the KX-TG454 SK and KX-TG465 SK which both block up to 250 phone numbers. They also sell Ooma which blocks 254 phone numbers. You should check them out if you want to block telemarketing calls.
 Dec 10th, 2014
Just received a clearly bogus student loan collection agency bill in the postal mail at my business name and address from the following company - Performant Recovery Inc. Their phone numbers are : 209-858-3500 aka 209-858-3850 aka 209-858-0600 aka 325-224-6001 aka 325-224-6504 aka 325-224-6728 aka 510-636-0505 aka 510-636-0300 aka 510-636-0400 aka 510-636-0666 aka 510-639-2353 aka 541-955-7800 aka 717-961-5107 aka 800-766-0190 aka 800-766-7617 aka 800-866-5317 aka 800-927-7667 aka 888-310-2006 aka 888-335-6267 aka 925-960-4766 aka 925-960-4800 aka 925-960-4880. Their websites are : aka aka aka Their business names are : Performant aka Performant Recovery Inc aka Performant Financial Corporation aka Diversified Collection Services Inc aka DCS Inc. Their addresses are : P. O. Box 9054 Pleasanton CA 94566-9054, P. O. Box 9057 Pleasanton CA 94566-9057, 333 North Canyons Parkway Suite 100 Livermore CA 94551, with other locations in Pleasanton CA, Lathrop CA, Grants Pass OR, San Angelo TX, and Miami Lakes FL. The representatives name is Hal Cox. The supposed Amount Referred : $240.91. The supposed Current Balance : $192.73. The supposed Pay This Amount : $38.55. The supposed Due Date : 12-13-14. This postal mailing is in direct violation of the FDCPA Section 809 (b). Our business has NO prior notices of ANY delinquent accounts, no outstanding student loans, no outstanding debts other than to our regular Net 30 distributors (who would call us if we were past due, which we are not). We clearly do not have any debt with them or anyone else, so this past due collection attempt is clearly FRAUD. We WILL be filling a formal complaint directly with the BBB, the, and the AG's Office of California for attempted fraud.
Not Important
 Dec 08th, 2014
Cavanaugh Paving and Grading
1848 Burgundy Dr, Escalon, CA, 95320
We offer residential and commercial paving and grading, parking lot maintenance, driveway striping. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Contractors License: #988300. We serve Central Valley region. 30 years Experience
 Nov 17th, 2014
Underdog called on Nov. 4, 2014 at 4:02 pm from phone number 857-209-2708 claiming that he was calling for an American Veteran's Group.
 Nov 05th, 2014
Caller ID shows up as TBD2. They have illegally called us from 484-660-6235, 201-283-9705, 201-425-1070, 201-720-0835, 216-278-0119, 305-209-9941, 339-201-8132, 458-201-1328, 484-589-5680, 510-201-5614, 669-400-3119, 702-675-9534, 720-450-9604, 732-813-5631, 803-599-6128, 813-474-7386, 845-842-7299, 928-741-3690, and 951-221-6112. The robocall voice states 'This is the Google Calling. Our records show that your Google listing is unclaimed and not showing up properly, blah blah blah '. Word to the wise folks - this is NOT Google calling you and contrary to their claims, they are NOT authorized by Google in any way. It's just another Scam SEO company claiming to be Google. The fact that they are claiming to be calling from Google is against the law, as it's misrepresentation and fraud, and I will be reporting the call to the AG's Office for Attempted Fraud, as well as reporting it to the and websites.
Not Important
 Oct 22nd, 2014
Dear Consumer Sentinel@FTC.GOV: REST ASSURED: _ALL_ of our telephone numbers _HAVE_ been successfully registered with _SINCE_ 2005 - when the web site in question was first established. Naturally we were UNABLE to report telemarketers/organized crime ring operators to you _BEFORE_ the establishment of the official web site in 2005._relentless_ telephone calls "from" "MED ADVANCE" [yeah right!] 240-397-5331 _AND_ "SURVEY" [yeah right!] 414-219-0007 [yeah right!] _AND_ from"CONSUMER SVCS" 321-209-7122 [yeah right!] we think this is an organized crime ring operating in Western PA/Eastern OH/Northern WV with _POSSIBLE_ "connections" in FLORIDA,USA-check this out with WTOV9 Wheeling WV USA television station-they covered the embezzlement of SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND from a local non-profit. _ALSO_:_relentless_ telephone calls "from""LIFE ALERT" 240-397-5331 [yeah right!] we think this is an organized crime ring operating in Western PA/Eastern OH/Northern WV. IN ADDITION: _relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" [yeah right!] 586-231-3657 [yeah right!] _in addition to_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" "WARREN, MI" [yeah right!] 586-231-3657 we _USED_ to get relentless calls from-get this!-LUCRE[no kidding!] MI Caller ID display indicated: "Consumer Svcs" [yeah right!] _ALSO_ calls from 570-983-3796 [yeah right!]__relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" 914-530-2264_relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS" [yeah right!] 570-983-3796 - [yeah right!]_AND_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from"CONSUMER SVCS 914-530-2264 [yeah right!] in _ADDITION_ to: _relentless_ telephone calls "from""RACHEL[yeah right!] with "Card Holder Services" [yeah right!] calling with an "important offer" [yeah right!] _AND_ "before that" "CONSUMER SVCS" 570-983-3796 [we think this is organized crime] and from relentless calls from LIFE ALERT 307-316-7473 and from 570-983-3796: We "frequently" "hear" what "sounds" like "male voices" floating past our home and _EVERY_ time withOUT FAIL these "sounds" are "followed" by BOMBARDING via telephone [landline] via e-mail message - via USPS of UNWANTED telemarketing "targeted" to us.. We have signed up with DMA-online-we have registered ALL OUR NUMBERS with with ALL to NO AVAIL-it seems. _relentless_ telephone calls "from" wireless caller 407-385-9357 _relentless_ telephone calls "from" WINNETKA, CA 747-444-9417 09/19/2014 at 3:00 PM EASTERN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME _ALSO_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from" "LIFE ALERT" 307-316-7473 most "recently" on September 16th, 2014 we think it's an ORGANIZED CRIME RING _SINCE_ "LIFE ALERT" is _NOT_ a "charity" - almost _DEFINITELY_ an "organized crime ring scammer" we are pretty sure signing up with "ought" to STOP these calls [?] _ALSO_ _relentless_ telephone calls "from" "CONSUMER SVCS" 914-530-2264 _AND_ from "NEW YORK"212-662-2315 "recently" on September 15th, 2014 we think it's an ORGANIZED CRIME RINGOn September 11th, 2014 we write RE: _relentless_ telephone calls "from" LIFE ALERT 307-316-7473 On September 9th, 2014 we wrote - not for the First/Last/One Millionth Time regarding: RE: _relentless_ telephone calls "from" "CONSUMER SVCS" 914-530-2664 [the calls are always "Carmen" or "Bridget" [yeah right!] telephoning to offer a LAST CHANCE [yeah right!] to "lower interest rate on credit card" [yeah right!] The _THING_ is _NEITHER_ "Carmen" nor "Bridget" enjoy the _SLIGHTEST_ "authority" to "lower" ANYONE'S "interest rates!" let _ALONE_ issue anyone a LEGAL-AUTHORIZED credit card [!] Oops! for "Carmen" and/or ""Bridget" [!]"NEW YORK"212-662-2315 "recently" on September 8th, 2014 11:00 AM _AND_ "from""BETHANY, WV" 3048294527 "recently" in September 2014. "Other" _relentless_ telephone calls from "CONSUMER SVCS 914-530-2264" "latest" call from 914-530-2264 received on September 5th, 2014 NOON Eastern Time before that on: September 2nd, 2014 11:23 AMEST- before that at 1 PM EST hour - closer to 2 PM on August 29th, 2014 - "previously" "BETHANY, WV" 3048294527 "previously" "BARBOURSVLE WV" 304-948-5685 _PREVIOUSLY_ 3048294527 _PREVIOUSLY_ 321 209 6988 -we think this is organized crime NEXT-TO-"newest" call on August 29th, 2014 10AM EST hour. For YEARS+YEARS - close to a DECADE _SINCE_ 2004 - we used to be "relentlessly" "targeted" _BY_ telephone calls _EVERY_ USA HOLIDAY WEEKEND WITHOUT EXCEPTION [this one in 2014 being Labor Day Weekend!] "for" "Donate to breast cancer research" [NEEDLESS TO SAY NOT ONE PENNY OF THE FUNDRAISED MONEY EVER WENT TO BREAST CANCER PATIENTS!] "Donate to Veterans" [NEEDLESS TO SAY NOT ONE PENNY OF THE FUNDRAISED MONEY EVER WENT TO ACTUALLY HELP VETERANS!] "Donate to A Fund to Assist CHILDREN of Policemen Fallen In The Line of Duty" [NEEDLESS TO SAY NOT ONE PENNY OF THE FUNDRAISED MONEY EVER WENT TO ACTUALLY HELP CHILDREN OF POLICE OFFICERS FELLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY!] We are wondering NOW: "Hmm _ARE_ the relentless telephone calls that began in June 2014 relentlessly "targeting" our telephone numbers - calls that caller ID displays _EITHER_ as "CONSUMER SVCS 914-530-2264 _OR_ as "Bethany, WV 304 829 4527" _ALSO_ a "typical"-these-days-FUNDRAISING SCAM??????????????????????????? _SINCE_ JOSEPH PINIZIOTTO OF 732-691-4832 OF TOMS RIVER NEW JERSEY USA [110% INNOCENT _UNTIL_ proven GUILTY naturally!-in 2014!] STOLE our 1994 [nineteen ninety four] USA citizenship-1994 USA naturalization papers_IN_ MARCH 1994 we wonder: "Hmmm has JOSEPH PINIZIOTTO "acquired" "our" telephone number-and therefore "we" are being relentlessly bombarded by organized crime and/or organized telemarketers "by" "LIFE ALERT 307-316-7473 - in 2014? _OR_ has JOSEPH PINIZIOTTO possible THIEF of our 1994 USA citizenship papers - IN MARCH 1994 experienced "mortgage" re-fi "issues" and/or is in _DESPERATE_ "need" of a mortgage at ANY cost??? and _therefore" "we" [emphatically NOT Joseph Piniziotto!] are bombarded night+day 24/7 on every internet web page we visit with ads for: "SIGN UP FOR OBAMA RE-FI MORTGAGE PLANS!" _NATURALLY_ there would have been _ZERO_ "need" for our 20 years STRAIGHT of "distress" over our "loss" _ZERO_ "need" for any of this _IF_ USA BCIS had "bothered" to LISTEN to our concerns and _RETURN_ our 1994 USA citizenship papers to US-their LEGAL OWNERS _IN_ 1994 [!] MARCH 1994 to be _PRECISE_ [!] or in the "intervening" TWENTY YEARS _since_ MARCH 1994.
West Virginia
 Oct 11th, 2014