The Breast Cancer Prevention Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They are soliciting donations.

May be a good cause thought I have not vetted them as of yet. However, they are calling numbers logged with the “DO NOT CALL” registry in violation of the “Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007”, which became law in February 2008.;

208-906-1057 619-374-7701 916-313-4211 310-862-9020 281-520-3775 360-230-1602 425-648-9448 253-246-6401 786-279-4790 253-248-6401 206-629-8625 425-648-94473 425-648-9447 706-279-4790 206-269-8625 800-950-4695 360-320-3661 786-279-4796 786-279-4797 210-892-0490 786-522-5610 805-309-5517 877-810-5921 801-246-0600 206-866-1924 866-544-8416 619-374-7749 209-800-1162 210-255-3211 253-666-7624 888-285-9984 214-506-7188 213-256-0051 206-395-7165 361-444-0455 509-703-5461 408-645-0033 425-285-7795
 Apr 04th, 2012
No Its Not Idaho. The call center is out of Everett, Wa. They call using an automated dialer. If you dont ansewer, it will call again.... quite possibly more than once a day. Also because it is A non-profit organization that is exempt from both national and state do no calls list, u have ask to be taken off their call list. And you may threaten these people calling or threaten to rip their phones out of the wall, but lets keep in mind these are people saving lives!
Jane Doe
 May 17th, 2009
The call on the weekends, too, sometimes more than twice. The number is 619-374-7701. Is this Idaho?
 Feb 17th, 2007
At first they called in person. Now they keep bothering me with two or three calls a day. I pick up and there's no one there. I called back the number and got a recorded message to leave a message. I told them to never call here again or I would track them down, rip their phone out of the wall and beat them senseless with it. We're on the Do Not Call Registry, so these folks essentially broke the law, right? I told them it would be a great day if a hurricane leveled their building and killed everyone inside. We can only dream, or can we? I sent all of this to the local District Attorney's Office, and will now contac the D.A. in Idaho.
 Feb 15th, 2007
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 Feb 10th, 2007
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 Feb 10th, 2007
just got it
 Feb 10th, 2007
If they are looking for money, why is there no message or person to talk to. When I pick up, there's nothing for a few seconds, then it hangs up. I bet Breast Cancer ... is a front for harvesting phone numbers for a telemarketing company.
 Feb 10th, 2007
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 Feb 10th, 2007
When you call the number back, a voicemail message says it's the "Breast Cancer Prevention Fund" (BCPF). They most likely want money, it'd think twice about it. The area code is from Boise, Idaho.
 Feb 06th, 2007
Who is BCPF?
 Feb 06th, 2007