Hello, this is Rachael (or Jonathan, or Heather, etc) with Credit Card Services. There's no problem with your credit card account...bla, bla. They offer a choice to press 1 and speak with a person, or press 3 to stop receiving these calls (that never works, it just tells them they have a live one). They spoof the Caller ID by removing the name, and also by causing a fake number to be displayed

It is a violation of federal law for a company to place a phone call with a pre-recorded message to a resident who has not requested such a call. It is a violation of federal law to cause the Caller ID to display fake data. The FCC and the FTC need your help in stopping this illegal activity. Please report all such calls to your congressional representatives and ask that they bring federal action to stop these harassing and illegal calls.
Local Law
 Dec 12th, 2007