It really does pay to do the research and to file complaints on the FTC/FCC sites. I just received a notice from the US Dept of Justice that several individuals whom I believe are connected to this particular organization have been arrested and are currently in jail awaiting a trial for fraud!!
 Aug 10th, 2010
Getting those nasty phone calls. Read Tom's message here and called Consumer Law Group 800.814.6756. Woman there said they used Personal Data Systems as an "enrollment" vehicle. Would not give me much more info, or exactly what the relatoinship between companies was, but when I asked for "real" # for PDS she gave me 877.680.1150. I asked for # for her corp office and got 561.886.1150 telephone answer service woman who asked me "which company I wanted" and if I was a client or vendor. I said a potential client of Consumer Law Group and got transferred to another woman who answered "corporate office." Asked for exec contact, like sales manager, and she said out of office for holidays. Asked name - would not give. Asked where he was - she would not give. Asked where she was and she said in Boca Raton FL.

877.680.1150 yielded answering recording. Plugged it into this website and looks like it is # for VersaDebt. site says, "Versadebt calls from 12 other numbers: 239-213-1290 678-238-1300 442-088-725981 207-490-5276 207-449-0887 208-844-7368 561-793-8708 954-733-7981 442-074-000080 208-816-5880 561-482-7092 305-595-9680."

Some unfortunate woman complained on that site that Versadebt had charged $999.00 on her card to lower interest on her credit cards, and refused to refund it. She writes, "I got a packet in the mail I filled it out and followed the instructions. you did not do anyhing that I hadn't already done myself."

Please someone get these people put out of the harrassment business.
 Dec 30th, 2008
Another recorded message from "Consumer Services" that referenced my credit card rates. Gave the option to press 1 for a representative and 2 to be removed from the list. My number is on the FTC Do Not Call list, so I will make a complaint.
 Feb 19th, 2008