I've received this call from 4 different numbers over the past 2 weeks. They show up on my grandcentral.com account as coming from the United Kingdom, with a +44 prefix. Here are the numbers (I'm posting this comment for each number, on this site, for cross referencing):
+44 2088082763
+44 208-898-1403
+44 208-809-3629
+44 207-441-3433

When I pick up, the recording is in mid-sentence, and says something like "This is your final notice for an interest rate reduction. Press 1 to speak to a live operator." When I pressed 1, I got put on hold for over 6 minutes (all the while planning to place THEM on hold as soon as they picked up), then finally the hold music stopped and the call ended quietly. Nobody ever answered.
 Feb 15th, 2008