Madrid: You and your son each have legal options to fight the abuse. I would add that if he's not living under your roof, your calls have likely been made to create anxiety and pressure, and not for any skip trace purpose the agency may claim.

Whether you are called a debtor or some collector thinks you can flush one out, you have rights and options. Most are simple to exercise if you only learn how. The FTC and the CFPB can start you on your homework. See also if your state laws grant additional or stronger rights.

official FTC guidance and staff opinions on the FDCPA, PDF copy of the Act

CFPB reiteration of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
 Aug 11th, 2012
We are being harrased by this collection agency and verbally threatened. They claim that my son owes money, he has not received a billing or a payment due letter from the company they supposedly represent, when he requested that they mail a bill they refused.
J Madrid
 Aug 11th, 2012
This number & other numbers all linked to same company have called on the following days. All hang ups. Never leaving a message. Nothing received from them in the mail.
6/8/10 12:58 pm
6/7/10 1:22 pm
6/4/10 12:03 pm
6/04/10 9:26 am
6/3/10 3:14 pm
6/3/10 10:55 am
6/2/10 1:34 pm
5/28/10 11:05 am
5/27/10 1:54 pm
5/26/10 4:23 pm
5/26/10 12:05 pm
5/25/10 9:58 am
 Jun 08th, 2010