let a message saying do you approve of president obama.. I tried to ans but they hung up.. yes I approve of the president.. he is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't.. let some of the talking heads take over if the think they have all the ans.
 Jun 09th, 2010
Funny thing,phone rings,I look at the id and decide not to answer,a message is left,I check it out and the 1st thing I hear is a human voice talking to a colleague explaining how she has had trouble with this asshole{me}in the past,then for 5 seconds I hear background noise which sounds like operators working the phones,then a recorded message comes back saying it's taking a survey for my local natural gas company.
 Jun 08th, 2010
calls multiple times daily. first time didn't show an ID, but subsequently showed the above
 Jun 08th, 2010
This PAC committee outfit also has an toll free number, 888-201-8929, let's all return the favor and blast them with phone calls.
 Jun 06th, 2010