Automated message on my machine asking if I was registered to vote, please press 1. When my machine didn't respond, another recorded voice said "this is a political survey, we may call back" and hung up.
 Jun 30th, 2010
Called every day for the past week or voicemail left...
 Jun 29th, 2010
I've gotten two calls, 2 days apart, from this #, to my cell phone, which is on the DNC list. I let them go to voicemail both times. The message left is automated, and says only "This is a survey call. We may call back later." No number or name or other information is given. I have reported this number to the FCC on 6/28/10, as per the previous commenter, although I specified that I did not talk to anyone, just received the DNC-violating calls and voicemails. No way am I using my cell minutes to answer these calls, even to tell them to p*** off.
Reported to FCC
 Jun 28th, 2010
Got pre recorded message asking if anyone was over 65. Then asked if anyone was on Medicare. Then asked if anyone had back pain. They may be masquerading as a polling outfit, but the questions they asked lead me to believe they want to know enough about you so they can try and sell you something or sell your information to a company who will try and sell you something.

Report this to the FCC as an abandoned call. Their definition of an abandoned call is the following:

An abandonded call is a telemarketing call that is not connected to a live representative within 2 seconds after being answered by a live person. If you receive an abandoned call you may hear dead air or clicking sounds sometimes followed by a prerecorded message or a hang up.

The more complaints they get, the more they will look into the situation.
Report Them
 Jun 25th, 2010