They say they are in house processing company and were processing the paper work for the supposedly alleged charges against me. They informed me of the plaintiff's amount to settle and were trying to make me accept the offer. They read the address back to me and it was wrong. THEY ARE ONE BIG SCAM
 Dec 12th, 2017
They say they are In House Processing. They refuse to give you their business name or address. They threaten and attempt to coerce payment from scared uninformed consumers. I am a retired Collection Agency Owner and by the Fair Trade Collection Practices Act they have to notify you in writing before they can take any legal action... BUT this is what they are trying to do.... if they can get you to make even a 5.00 payment over the phone then the statute of limitations on the debt is GONE... you become legally responsible for it regardless of how old it was so then they can initiate legal actions to remedy the debt. The are phishing for those consumers who know no better... they are abusive and judgemental and they are LIARS. Do NOT pay them any attention. I had my friend block the number and then start calling them back and giving them all kinds of grief and let her frustrations out on them to give them a piece of their own medicine... THEY DONT LIKE THAT.... and more importantly you are tieing up their lines and wasting their time from calling some other poor soul.... so HAVE FUN AND CALL THEM BACK AND LET IT ALL HANG OUT CAUSE THEY ARE ONE BIG SCAM
 Dec 12th, 2017
Same story as below. Hope they have Liability Indemnity Insurance as each time they phone me it is monitored to the FTC fair credit bureau. Getting acurred fines for non validation of debt.
So keep on calling and so will I.
 Dec 08th, 2017
Just got a call at my job from these people threatening service of a complaint with a File # and stating in a robot voice that I had no been officially notified. These people have been coming for me almost 2 years now because I caught on to their scam before I actually gave them money/access to my account for a Payday Loan they claim I owe on from back in 2010 but have never produced paperwork (other than something they printed up on their letterhead with no address and a call center warehouse number). Ridiculous and annoying.
 Dec 07th, 2017