I work out of my home and they dial me continuously. How do I put them on a DNC list. Thank you!
 Sep 17th, 2010
They do not have any members from my town, or even from my area that I am aware of.. I will not donate to this type of members only club.
 Jul 02nd, 2010
No message left on Voice Mail
 Jun 05th, 2010
Really tired of repeated calls from a this caller ID. I have all my phones on the do not call list!
 Feb 06th, 2010
This phone number is calling to do fund raising for the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police. I have called the number. It directs you to a customer service department that can answer questions, help you donate, or anything else related to the FOP. Also, there’s information on www.idahofop.com. Plus, you can contact them there with any questions or requests.
The FOP is doing a lot of really great things for Idaho police officers and the people that call are trying to help them raise money so they can do even more good.
 Jan 21st, 2010
They never leave a message... Since I don't recognize the number or Caller ID, I will not answer!
 Jan 21st, 2010
My caller id shows one of these, too. They called while I was out. Technically these "non-profit" organizations are a legal exception to the Do Not Call list. Because of this I just say no instead of messing around with them like I do the outright illegal telemarketers. I never contribute to them, and I do not recommend contributing to them because:
1. Caller ID signatures cannot be authenticated, therefore one risks giving information to possible scammers with forged signatures.
2. "Non-profit" could be a lot of "expenses" (salaries, telemarketer fees, etc.) with very little going to purported beneficiaries.
3. There is no message left promoting the purported cause. That tells me that they don't want my contribution if it hasn't generated a fat commission.
 Dec 24th, 2009