Sep 21st, 2016
If we can get Bin Laden, we can get Rachel from Card Member Services…

Next time you get a call from Rachel, go ahead and talk to a service member, tell them you want to “Kill Rachel” and then, “You are coming for them too!” Then hang up on them.

I would think after thousands and thousands treats they might get the message their scam is no longer works. Think about it? How many times would you like to hear this treat in a day?

This is the new “I Want To Kill Rachel Fan Club” membership is free…

Tell everyone you know, once everyone hears about us and starts firing back the scam will die.
 Jan 14th, 2012
Did not answer
 Sep 30th, 2011
I pressed "1" to request they remove my cell phone number from their calling list! They hung up!
 Sep 28th, 2011
I didn't answer. Wiki reports the call is from ID. Spammer/phisher I'm sure.
 Sep 22nd, 2011
Carla, the DNC program has done wonders to cut down phone traffic -- within its scope -- from legitimate businesses. You expect somehow that career criminals with sequential dialers should also scrub the list?
 Sep 15th, 2011
This # calls my cell ph frequently,~ i have all these spammers' numbers in brain recognition, so I don't bother to answer. Of course, no message ever left. I too, am on the do-not-call list, but apparently that does nothing to deter.
 Sep 15th, 2011
I've been receiving calls from 208-300-7844 with a recorded voice stating that this call is my final chance to lower my interest rates on CC debt > $4k w/t 2 CCs. When selecting "9" to continue to learn more, a telemarketer handled the call immediately in an environment that sounded like a typical call-center. After asking a few questions, and providing some information to qualify for lower interest, I stopped right when they asked for my CC #'s. When asking more information about who they were, and how I could identify them before continuing, she rambled off some scripted non-sense. When asking what their website was, she responded "Our Website?" - then straight hung-up the phone. My guess is that they are data-mining, or working with some identity theft outfit. Too bad I gave the information that I did, but glad I didn't provide my CC info, as I'm sure to have seen some unwelcome charges.
Mark Anthony
 Sep 14th, 2011
I have received a couple of calls from them. The guy on the phone today because very irriated with me when I kept telling him that this cannot be a final notice to lower my interest rate if I did not receive and initial offer. When I refused to verify the card number and expiration date, they hung up on me. The number cannot be called back. Be careful of any calls from them saying they are with Card Member Services.
 Sep 13th, 2011
Complaints to DNC form a handy pool of intel for law enforcement, which is a good thing, as a mass of complaints helped the FTC choke off several credit reprice scammers in 2010. If you hope for more prompt human assistance, file complaints with the FTC and attorneys general. These scammers hide themselves well enough that consumer TCPA cases could prove quite difficult.
 Sep 10th, 2011
Got a call from them about lowering my credit card rate. I hit 1, per their instructions to hear more about this, and when "William" came on the line I told him that I continue to get calls from this company even though I am on the Do Not Call registry. The phone went dead (of course).

I filed yet another complaint on the Do Not Call site, for whatever good that will do.
 Sep 10th, 2011
Credit Cards
 Sep 08th, 2011
Same people who hung up on me yesterday after I pressed 0 and told them I'm on the do not call list called again today.
 Sep 08th, 2011
This caller phones 3 to 4 times daily .... seemingly a recorded message about credit cards .... cannot talk to anyone to get them to stop
Jay Rose
 Sep 07th, 2011
Called my cell phone, I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I was looking through my caller id at home this morning and this number showed up on there too, but no message.
 Sep 06th, 2011
called me and refused to give name---young woman ended the call by calling me a bitch---kept asking what I owed in CC debt, and I would just counter with a question about who she was and where she was calling from---a man came on the line and stated they were Credit Card Services located in HOUSTON TX (which I doubt is true as Ms Manners probably would not have called me a bitch and hung up if they were legit)

both of them sounded young & uneducated...good luck if they call you...
 Sep 06th, 2011
Credit card scam. Identity theft alert. They ignore the do not call registry.
 Sep 06th, 2011
I pressed zero after hearing how I could save money on my credit cards. I'm on the do not call list. I asked who the foreign speaking person was and he said 'card services' and he said I had a credit card with 'them.' I said I do not and asked him who them is. He named off most of the major credit card companies, none of whom I have a credit card with. I told him I'm not his customer, I don't know who he is and I'm on the do not call list. He hung up on me.
 Sep 06th, 2011