I let the answering machine pick up; a woman said "hello?" once and hung up.
 Sep 26th, 2011
I got strange call from an international phone number. Clearly a boiler room - some guy in Pakistan or India. Told me they had identified my internet IP as having been "attacked", and my computer had malicious code on it. Wanted me to authoize him to "connect online" with my computer to correct damage. Tried to convince me that routine and normal "event notifications" on my computer were indications that a virus had been installed.

DANGER, DANGER, DANGER. If you let these assh+les get into you're computer, I guarantee they will install spyware to track you and capture personal information (plus they'll probably still personal info (like passwords and account #s) out of your cache while they're "fixing" the "viruses".

Don't fall for this one!
D Bigelow
 Aug 28th, 2011