Obviously accidently called me and must have my number programmed into his phone. My number is private and I rarely give it out. I listened to the voice message and couldn't make out much of what was said except for "oh shit" just before it hung up. I called back and got a first name on his voicemail "John". As common a name as that is I don't know any "John" but I do know that a complete stranger has been following me around in a black car and this might be "John". I left voice mails trying to get him to tell me who he was and he ignored them. I don't know why this person won't tell me who they are except for that I think that "John" enjoys scareing women and is dangerous because gas is pretty damn expensive now and he has been following me for almost a year. I mean that is F#CKIN creepy. This guy has never even talked to me or anything he just follows me around. It is like he is part of the background I am getting so used to it. This guy must have escaped from a mental hospital or something.
Michelle W.
 Oct 06th, 2008