Have received several calls within the last few days. This number was the most recent one : 571-261-0103. When we call the number back we get this message : "We are sorry if we have reached your number in error we only purchase and call business phone listings. If you would like your number removed from our calling lists please press 1". These same people have left messages on my phone regarding "my auto warranty expiring". These are the other numbers they've called from : 702-520-1430 ; 704-824-1393 ; 208-463-9543 ; 207-781-5405 ; 702-520-1458 ; 845-337-7928 ; 781-899-3500 ; 208-524-3559 ; 610-269-8829 ; 234-567-7891 ; 702-520-1458.
 Jul 16th, 2008
Auto Warranty calls..
Robert L
 Jul 15th, 2008
following message showed only a number, but callwave, my voice to test service shows it as COOPER, JOE. This is most likely an alias they chose for their caller ID...but who knows. I have had 3 of these calls in the last week...for my vehicle. Yeah, a '97 4Runner with 178,000 miles. it's very irritating (my mother received the same on her home phone) as this is my cellphone, and there seems to be no stopping them. I actually reported "them" to the FCC a couple weeks ago; their page has an e-form that you can just fill in online.
this was the text from callwave:

" about to expire press one now to speak with an auto warranty specialist warranties our time sensitive, they must be extended before your vehicle reaches a certain mileage press one now to speak to a warranty specialist, don't make the mistake of driving your vehicle without the warranty again press one to speak with an agent press to close your files." (not perfect voice recognition)
 Jul 14th, 2008
This number calls my cell phone, won't leave a mesasge, but it is some sort of telemarketing
 Jul 14th, 2008