This has been going on for a month now. We have filed a complaint with the FCC and have called the actual phone carrier company and lodged a complaint there on this one. Recommend that everyone do the same 1) File the complaint with FCC and 2) File a complaint with the Carrier - One Communications - Customer Support Call us: 800-962-2488
 May 13th, 2010
I just got a call from 207-514-7599 with nobody at the other end. I deliberately avoid giving my phone number out to ward against unwanted calls, so I have no idea what's going on here...

I just called (via Skype), and discovered it's allegedly some mysterious "Special Promotions Department" that I supposedly left my phone number with requesting more information... Even though nobody was there when I answered, and they wanted me to leave my contadct info AGAIN for them to reach me... Not having told me WHAT "special promotion" I was interested in.

Just thought I'd make mention of it here as well.
 Jun 18th, 2009
who is this]
 Apr 15th, 2009