Called the number back after they called and hung up a multitude of times with leaving no message. I just let the guy talk and didn't say a word. Guy said his name and said he's calling (I called him) on behalf of several products on TV and the Internet. I immediately hung up.
 Mar 25th, 2013
I get about 10 of these calls every day, from other numbers. seems like some Farm number that these spamers buy or rent for short periods, and call to sell or offer work, but of course they want personal information to give you the information.... what a joke/ I am so tired of even wasting my time picking up the phone and talking to someone who is wasting my time again and again, I just write down the Phone numbers and add them to my own spam call list, and will never answer the phone. if there is ever a message. it is only dead air.....

I do not believe in the National call directory.... and that is also why these guys just rent temporary numbers, after a few months they just change them up and start calling their old lists again.
 Feb 26th, 2013