"Heather" really gets around for being a lumpy-assed slob who sits on the sofa calling people to con them out of their credit card #'s, doesn't she? After realizing that pressing 2 to remove my number does nothing, I have started pressing 1 to speak to a "live", actually rather brain-dead representative to tell them to remove my #. One time I let the phone ring for 1 1/2 minutes before some trogladyte of a woman answered the phone very angrily. I reminded her that she was the one who called me and if neither of us were happy about it, perhaps she should stop. She didn't like my tone and slammed down the phone. Sometimes the call is also from 1-850-475-5122, an inactive # in Pensacola, Fla. Other times it is scrambled. The FCC won't do anything b/c I am not a psychic and cannot provide any more info than I have already. When will the FCC, FTC, or FBI do something about this? "Heather" is obviously a national problem.
 Jan 30th, 2008
Calls also from 207-425-8161
Calls have been nearly daily for the past week, and several days a week for many weeks before that. "Customer service" refuse to remove my number from calling list and often just hang up on me. Others have asked whether my credit debt was in excess of $5,000 and when I say "no", they say to disregard the call and hang up. Return call gets an error message. I think these people are either lying about why they call or so stupid they will call ineligible people indefinitely. My guess is this is a scam.
 Jan 24th, 2008
This illegal telemarketer is violation all kinds of laws: 1) the name is altered in Caller ID to Unknown, 2) they phone number is altered, and they change the number every time they call. Also, it's illegal to place a pre-recorded telemarketing call to a residence unless the resident has authorized the call. Finally, they do not provide a call back number as required by law. The recording is always the same, Hello, this is Heather (or Jonathan) with account services, there's no problem with your account, but you need to act right away bla bla. Press 1 to speak with someone.. DON'T DO IT, you will only be connected to a recorder to leave your name and number. Or. Press 9 (or some other number to be removed from their call list...DON'T DO THAT EITHER, it just tells them they reached a live one, and THEY WILL NOT REMOVE YOUR NUMBER.
 Jan 10th, 2008