Stupid scammers, that repeatedly call after being asked to be removed from call list. Blatant, illegal harassment!
 Jan 12th, 2012
card services , hangs up when asked for supervisor
 Oct 26th, 2011
Another credit card scammer. These people need to have a cactus dipped in turpentine, then rammed up thier ass. Then they should be set on fire and finally put out with pitchforks and sledgehammers.
 Oct 18th, 2011
Hey Asshole! Not interested in your bullshit and so sick of you calling our number a 100 times a month! If I could find your location, i would kill all of you with a bomb!! DIE FUCK FACE!!! Get a REAL JOB LOSER!!!!!!
 Jun 20th, 2011
Service message
 Jun 18th, 2011
Balance of message on my answering machine was a female voice recording stating, ". . .listen to the associated changes before the next billing cycle. Again, this is your final notice as it relates to the financial stimulus. So press 1 now to take advantage of this today!" How I wish they would all keep their promise and make it my final call, and never contact me again!
 Jun 17th, 2011
"last chance to lower my credit card interest rate!" no thanks Dick head
 Jun 13th, 2011
 Jun 13th, 2011
All the way from Carribiou Ma? I don't answer the calls. I just let it go to ans machine. If you answer or connect, your name goes on list as useable number and your number receives priority placement on next list to call. These robbers stop at nothing. Quit picking up their calls, and they will get bored with no one picking up the phone. Remember, if you call them back, you just helped their listings.
 Jun 13th, 2011
In the past week I've received a large number of telemarketing calls to my cell phone. I've had this number for years and rarely ever gotten them before. Apparently I'm now on someone's list. This one comes up "VisaAssist" on my caller ID. These are obvious scams that try to induce you to give them confidential financial and personal information that they then use to perpetrate identify fraud.

I pressed #1 to speak with a live person who, under the guise of wanting to lower my credit card interest, solicited my SSN, address, credit card numbers, etc. Instead, I asked him to remove me from his call list. We'll see.
 Jun 09th, 2011
Phone rings, I answer. "Important call about your credit card and how you can reduce your rates.' I am on the "DoNotCall list and I did press "1" so I could talk to Jean who supposedly will remove my number from their database. I deal with credit card rates by directly talking to the issuing company.
 Jun 01st, 2011