This number calls claiming that they will put your business on Google Maps if you press 1 to talk to an operator, or if you press 2, will remove your site from Google.

In addition, they call with an automated message, and nobody on the phone which is illegal. This is a scam. Do not do business with these scammers!
 Jul 01st, 2011
When the call came in, I ignored it and let the answering machine pick up. I caught part of the message in which a young woman stated her name (I erased the message before writing down the name & any details) and the fact that she was getting back to me after our discussion last week regarding a way to reduce my interest rates. She proceeded to outline the information she found and how she could help me. Considering I never had a discussion with anyone about this topic, I assumed she was returning someone else's call and had misdialed the number. So, I picked up the phone in the middle of her spiel. Imagine my surprise when she didn't respond to my multiple "hellos." Took me a few seconds to realize this was a computerized recording and a deliberate call to my phone number. Unfortunately, in my annoyance I immediately erased the info she left on the machine but the number to return her call was a 1-888 number. Since I have an unlisted number and don't hand it out to any companies I believe will hit me with marketing calls, I assume this is one of those financial scamming operations simply making cold calls.
 Jun 29th, 2011
E Gumball called from this number with a recorded message and no person on the line at the time. They claim that I either need to press one to be added to Google's listings since I am not listed, or two to be removed from the Google search engine. When Frank answered the phone, he would let me know that the company name is E Gumball, but hung up when I asked for a phone number.
 Jun 06th, 2011