Agreed Marion...pressing 2 to get off their list DOESN'T work. I KNOW it's a SCAM cause I DON'T have ANY credit cards!
 Feb 20th, 2008
This outfit repeatedly calls me with misleading message; "This is an important call regarding your visa account" etc. They do give you the option of pressing 2 to opt of being called. Tried that past months.Doesn't work. Now I press "one" to speak with rep . - when asked which account - they have no answer = but go into spiel: "to lower % rates on your Visa..." I ask "Which Visa?" They can't name = I tell them for the fourth time now: "I am on the DNC list. You are calling illegally. Do Not Call again."
Next month = same routine.

The 'option' to press 2 is not the point (doesn't keep them from calling again anyway) The point is, the call should NOT be made in the first place and I should not have to get up/stop what I'm doing, etc,, to answer the phone. That is the whole point of the DNC law.
How do I report?
marion tucker
 Feb 20th, 2008