Non-human call; recording try to sell me extended warranty on car did not list company name or callback number. (I don't have any cars under warranty that can be extended.) Pressed 1 to talk to a human. Presed 1 to talk to a sales person (not automated removal number). Kim from "Warranty Services". Asked for a number where I could call back. She wanted to keep me on their list and call again. I insisted that she give a number where I can call back later. She gave 866-766-7322. (This is the same call back number as other scam telemarketers "Card Services", a.k.a., "Consumer Services" uses.) The number is NOT their call back number. Calling the number gets an intercept that the directory assistance number has been changed to 101-515-8000. Reported them to the FCC at
Screaming Eagle
 Feb 04th, 2008