THis number has been calling for several weeks and leaving messages on my answering machine about how they would lower my credit card interest rates. I got tired of the solicitation and went through the steps to talk to an operator. When i told the man on the other end that i was on the National Do Not Call List he told me to listed and then whispered "Fuck You" and began laughing. This is a scam to get people to give up there credit information so that it can be used for identity theft purposes. As a Police Officer I advise you not to give out any information over the phone and contact your credit card carrier and the police if you recieve any calls of this nature or from this number.
 Feb 01st, 2008
this number being caller id spoofed.. They are victims of caller id spoofing and they are not making aout going calls.. someone is contacting random people and asking for personal information regarding lower interest rates on credit cards.. .. Please do not give any information to these suspects........ As this is fraud. ..
The people that own this number are a Law Firm .. they are in no way connected to the supsects that are calling and trying to get credit card info and personal information
 Jan 31st, 2008