gutless wonder female voice, said something about my credit card, but assured me there is no problem with the card, said I should press "1" to learn how to lower the interest rate to 6%, or press "2" to stop further calls, my answering machine is unable to do either so the bitch hung up. I do not understand how these manure heads can get away with this crap. MY NUMBER IS ON THE FEDERAL DO NOT CALL LIST - I BELIEVE THAT MEANS "DO NOT CALL" WHAT IS THE PROBLEM FOLKS? By the way caller ID indicated this idiot called at 1:59 when I tried to call back at 5:30 the number was no longer in service. My screamin meany whistle is waiting for them to call again. DNC complaint page here I come. To my Congressman I hope you are enjoying Washington - you are a one-termer FIX THIS LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jan 29th, 2008