They call from this number and tell you how you can make $40,000 for just listening to the message and pressing 2 to speak with a live operator or press 9 to be removed. It is obvious they do not pay attention to the do not call list. During the message you can leave a message, we left a message for a return phone call - The number we left was a back line office number that no one uses. Bruce called us back, he explained that he is involved with a get rich program. Bruce did not block his HOME phone number that showed on caller ID as 712-560-4612. He also informed us that he and his company is voided from the DO NOT CALL LIST. So if you get a phone call from this number (206) 984-9253 go ahead and call Bruce back at his home 712-560-4612.
Thank you
 Jan 14th, 2011