Chris White Inc
Seattle, WA, 98117
(206) 954-5034
Chris White Inc operates since 2001 as Seattle company that provides high quality landscape design and construction focusing on all aspects of installation. We can help design and build patios, decks, driveways, structural and decorative walls as well as create lush and inviting spaces where you can live and thrive. Accurate planning and cost estimating is part of our process. Ask for a free initial consultation to build an affordable and functional design for your home.
Landscape Designer, Landscape Design, Hardscape Design, Retaining Walls, Landscape Renovation
Landscaper, Landscaping Service, garden renovations, new garden construction, retaining and decorative walls, water features, lighting, irrigation, stone and concrete paving, pathways, decks, drainage plans, grading plans
James Gold
 Mar 14th, 2016