Too funny, so I received a call that I would be getting $8,000 from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY who will call me back from this number 206-905-9357 Steven Hagar x 8821. 200 Independence Ave. SW Washington DC 20201 is what they say is their address. Do they really think anyone will fall for this. They are definitely in another country as there was a long pause after any of my answers until they responded. Please do not take their calls as they come up as Unavailable 6-3660 on the caller ID. I really hope others that get their calls do not fall for this scam.
Cheryl S
 Mar 01st, 2014
They offered a once in a lifetime government grant for $8000.00. I have to purchase a bank card and load $300.00 on it to receive the $8000.00
Margie Hart
 Feb 14th, 2014