Nathan called my home number, said he was with the U. S. Treasury and that someone was on the way to my house to arrest us regarding our 2012 taxes. He also stated that if we hung up we would be arrested within 20 minutes, but if we "worked with him" to take care of the issue he would stop the arrest before it happened. I looked up the telephone number that showed on my Called-ID and saw that other people reported similar cold calls from 206-900-9175 with different names than Nathan Johnson. My wife informed him that I had just looked up his telephone number and that this is a scam he is trying to pull on us. She attempted to tell him that we will report him but he had hung up before she could finish the statement. We received 6 to 7 calls today from this number but we were both at work and could not answer. The call was answered at around 17:40 Eastern time
 Oct 22nd, 2015
I just spoke to a Steve Martinz who admitted it's a scam!!!! He said he can't get caught and that he needs money. He actually admitted what he was doing was wrong. He said he has economic problems. I told him he's a thief and he will be paid back in bad karma. He said I'm talking like his mother and thanked me but won't stop doing these scams. Really incredible!!! First scam artist I've spoken to that admitted what he's doing!
 Oct 19th, 2015
Same as below, Steve Martin (with an Indian accent)left a 2+ minute voicemail stating there was enforcement action from the US Treasury and ignoring this would result in me being put before a magistrate or grand jury. The message was repeated three times in the same voicemail, apparently robo-call. Called about 2 hours later but no message left this time. I've gotten these before and there is a spot on the IRS website where you can report these (which I have done) but the phone number is very likely spoofed so I'm not sure how much good it does.
Rick L
 Oct 16th, 2015
I just got the same call. It is a scam trying to get money from you over a tax debt. This shit bag claims he's from the US department of treasury which is Bullshit. He gave me three different names and Steve Martin was one of them. Don't worry about it Rick, the US treasury doesn't call people over tax debts, the IRS does and they would send you threats through the mail.
 Oct 16th, 2015
Caller said he was from IRS and this was second warning and that I would be called before a magistrate or grand jury... I hung up before I heard what the penalty was going to be, but this was clearly a scam.
Rick G
 Oct 15th, 2015