May Allah smite them wherever they are!! Left a message on our home phone and the guy sounded Indian/Pakistani. He was trying really hard not to have that accent but you can definitely detect it. Gave a white name like David Marshall or some something like that. Said he was calling from the IRS. Said they have a lawsuit pending against us and that if we didn't take action we would be subject to penalties and/or jail time.

Sheesh.. give me a break. Preying on the innocent and the gullible. Unbelievable.

A while back I got a similar call. I decided to report it. The fraudulent call came from a TX area code. So I called the dedicated police station who forwarded me to some government agency who took my call and took the report. They just let me know that these guys are most likely out of the country and using some VOIP to call USA phone numbers and steal money from people who don't know better. And that there is little they can do about it. So yeah, disappointment on two levels! Very sad and frustrating and infuriating!

Anyway, those were my two cents. Pass the word along please. Thank you.
 Feb 29th, 2016