i got a call from these people saying that i receivea grant for $7000 and needed to call this they think i am that stupid . think again u dont pay for something that is free .the first time i got this call the man said is name was frank anderson.
 Aug 24th, 2013
I just received a call from 202-621-7457 that I was picked to receive a grant for $7,000 and needed to call this number 206-866-5749 to get the information. So I did and the lady said that I could get it direct deposit or western union, I said ok sure ill do western union then she continued saying that I would have to pay a FEE really a fee for free money but the fee would be refunded. The fee was $330.00 she asked if I could come up with this fee today and go to a western union store and then call her back and she would give me the details for the wiring. At this point I'm just playing along, so I said ok and how long is it going to take to get my $330 and the grant for 7,000 back she said the next day. Really does she really think i'm stupid. And that I would need to call her from the parking lot of the store I was going to use. I'm thinking maybe I should just play along just not really send the stupid fee and see if she like being played and with. SCAM SCAM us grant money is free and there are no fees associated with grants these people really think we are that stupid.
 Aug 02nd, 2013
How do I get my money back? I fell for that stupid thing
 May 13th, 2013
Yeah I got the same call if it is free why the heck do you have to pay for it these people are crazy if they think that I am going to send them money it's some kind of scam
 May 08th, 2013
Had the same thing... this guy was going to give me 8500 for a 265 western union payment. I have contacted the FCC. Ridiculous.
 Apr 22nd, 2013
When I called him from a blocked number it went busy signal and when he calls it says Unknown. Mark Stencer or Mark Spencer. what kind of business is this. It sounds fishy we in the same state why do we have to Western Union?
 Feb 28th, 2013
My daughter had recieve a call today and this man Mark Spencer says he represents US Federal Government Grant and he wants to give my daughter a grant of $7,000 she gave him her credit card #. First he wants her to go down to Western Union and send $280.00 that money is to pay for the fees. 206.866.5675 is his number. It sounds fishy and i really hope my daughter to fall for it.
 Feb 28th, 2013
He said name is Mark spencer and he represents US Fedreral government and wants to give me 7000.00...whe I call him back he started to swear using the F word...I want everyone who read this message to call him and harrass him the same way they are doing to people who better things to do 206 866 5675
 Feb 27th, 2013