Earlier today a man claiming to be Henry Gonzalas from the Federal Grant Dept, with an Austrailan accent, called my daugther claiming she was choosen to receive a grant. All she had to do was have $250 in her account and bring the phone to the bank and he would give the teller all the bank information. When I called back with a blocked number no one would answer. I called back on her line and he would not give me his name and proptly hung up on me
Jessica Manuel
 Mar 13th, 2013
they said they were washington dc, giving me a grant because my name was selected to be given 7,000 dollars in grant funds. i called back and it went blank. they called me from 888-888-8888 and gave me this number to call back 206-855-3234. why?
 Mar 11th, 2013