This call was from Andy Wappler (son of the late Harry Wappler) at Puget Sound Energy. I seem to recall he was heading up a Winter preparedness/awareness program the other year, "Take Winter By Storm", or something like that.
 Nov 13th, 2013
Got a call stating that it was Harry Wappler, and definitely seemed to be his voice. Claimed to be with Puget Sounds Energy (they guy WAS a weather forecaster ...AND Harry Wappler died a few years ago). This is the craziest scam call yet. Have had hundreds of scam calls, but never from a "dead guy" who happens to use the same number as an escort service.
 Nov 13th, 2013
A call was sent to my telephone by this number last night. They had a group type conversation which tied up the telephone. I finally just turned the telephone off to get rid of them. I hope they can be stopped.
C. Edelman
 Nov 13th, 2013
Message left stated that it was Harry Woppler of Puget Sound Energy, regarding a live call meeting the next day. A web search of the number says that it is connected to an escort service. Another bogus nonsense call. Am ALSO tired of such calls.
 Nov 12th, 2013
I am tired of these endless solicitation calls
C Edelman
 Nov 11th, 2013