They've called my mobile phone multiple times a week for the last several months. I've called them more times than I care to count to ask that my number be removed. I got another call tonight and will NEVER do business with this company.
K gill
 Jan 27th, 2010
Don't EVER do business with Evans Glass!

In February of this year they were delisted from the Better Business Bureau for failure to respond to customer complaints, and in September they paid to settle a case with the Washington attorney general for deceptive practices.

I was (much to my chagrin) one of their customers. Matt claims they have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, but I'm forced to conclude that he is simply lying... we certainly haven't seen a penny of *our* money returned, and we're now going through the Construction Contractor's Board process to gain access to their bond (though Evans Glass is doing their damndest to prolong the process).

BTW, the windows were shoddy, the installation looks like it was done by monkeys, and virtually every claim made to us in the sales presentation (You'll save at least 40% on your energy bills! We manufacture and install all our own windows! We installed all of the windows for Sears corporate buildings! Our windows are the most efficient on the market! You'll get a bunch of fantastic discounts... today only!) turned out to be absolutely false.

I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that the business practices of Evans Glass rise to the level of fraud.

If you've been victimized by Evans Glass, please feel free to contact me and we'll compare notes... my email address is my name (above) with no spaces, followed by "@gmail.com".
Jake Boone
 Oct 15th, 2009
They call ENDLESSLY and at all times of day - never leving a message and with only the number as "caller ID" (as everone has stated).

I am in sales, and understand a need to do business. However, Matt (at Evans), if y'all were really as proud of your business as you've stated; whomever is calling would leave a message clearly identifying themselves and the nature of the call. While it may not be illegal, it is a poor business practice to badger people after it's fairly clear they don't want to speak to your representatives.
 Aug 13th, 2009
They called again today. See my comment below. They obviously don't care who they call or when, or care whose number they're calling. I plan to block the number, and then contact the BBB and whoever else. Please do the same, perhaps all together we can make this horrible business practice stop once and for all. If they don't pay attention to requests from callers, they are a company who does not deserve to be in business.
 Jul 24th, 2009
These folks kept hanging up on my machine, but I could see numerous calls on the caller ID. When I finally was home to answer one day, they asked for someone named Kevin or Craig or something. I said they had the wrong number. Guess what.... the calls kept coming. Next time I was home to pick up, I again said the person did not live here, and this was my second time telling them this. He rudely replied, what do you mean the second time? I said, isn't that clear enough for you - that person does not live here!! You have the wrong number! Well..... you got it... more calls on the caller ID. I looked at this site and decided to try one more time - I called them myself. I spoke to a nice person this time, and explained that the person they want to reach is not at my number. She said she would delete the number from their contact list. So... we'll see.... one more call comes here and I'll be back to post another comment. We'll see if the poster 'donotcall' and others from below are right, or if Matt is actually part of a truly ethical company that listens to do-not-call requests.....
 Jul 24th, 2009
Hmm, "Matt" - must be the infamous Matt Flath (mattflath@evansglass.com)

We have dealt with Evans Glass after an "in-home demonstration" of their so-called superior Eurocraft windows. This was nothing but a circus act and a waste of three hours of our time.

Mat asserts that "We do not pressure homeowners into projects that they don't want to do". Really? Then why did I have such a hard time asking (finally TELLING) these slimeball sales people to leave our house after their dog and pony show?

The frames are supposedly a special "titanium alloy". In reality it's just your standard aluminum alloy which already has titanium in the mix.

Dealing with Evans Glass is right up there with buying a used car from a greasy salesperson. All of the promises in the world and the pressure to sign RIGHT NOW to close the sale.

Avoid these lowlifes like the plague
Joseph and Anna
 Jul 17th, 2009
Evans Glass Inc. is a 32 Year Old Home Improvement company with two Northwest Locations, Oregon City, OR and Seattle, WA. We are an exterior contractor that installs siding, windows, doors and gutters.
In order to clearify a few details on this page. "Rick" not only were we at the Everett show, we was a major sponsor. "donotcall" we are a fantastic company with over 270 employees for the local job markets. We do not call the "western US" but instead we only call our two local markets, Oregon and Washington. We do not use telemarketers or a phone list, we do have a phone room, that only calls homeonwers that have either filled out a survey or questionaire at a home show, hardware store or from one of canvassers. Once again we do not use a phone list, and do not plan to in the future. Lastly, we are not in any violation of the FTC, or ATG's office, since you had to give us your information before we had the information to call you.
Evans Glass is offering to do a free home energy inspection to show you where you can save money on your heating/cooling costs. We do not pressure homeowners into projects that they don't want to do. In all my years, I have found out that when a homeowner feels pressure, it's due to themselves really wanting to take advantage of the project right away, and maybe not able to for personal reasons.
We are currently installing windows, siding and other projects for our homeowners in upwards to three-hundred (300) projects per month. We demand 100% Customer Satisfaction or there is not one penny out of your pocket. If you do not want to be called to schedule an energy inspection, feel free to forward your contact information and phone number to info@evansglass.com and we will gladly add you to the list.
Once again, Evans Glass is a fair and ethical company that not only works for our local Northwest homeowners but we also run monthly food/toy/blood and other drives to help out our local communities as well. Log onto http://www.evansglass.com/ to see what the 25th Largest Home Improvement Company in the Nation is doing today!

 May 04th, 2009
They just call and call and call. Never a message, the only thing that shows up on the caller id is the phone number. How annoying. The funny thing is my wife and I recently went to the Home & Garden Show in Everett. Suddenly we start getting these phone calls from Evans Glass. However, neither of us recall that company being at the show.
 May 02nd, 2009
Evans Glass is a sleaze-bag "window replacement" company out of Seattle WA that uses even sleazier telemarketers to drum up business. If they get you to answer they will try (hard sell) to get you to commit to an in-home appointment with one of their window replacement "estimators". Once in your house, they won't leave until you agree to buy. Evans Glass has been dialing telephones all over the western US for at least a year now, in flagrant violation of the do-not-call list. They won't leave messages - they just hang up if no one answers the phone. Recently, after a flood of complaints to state and federal authorities, the company has started using "G Evans" on their caller ID to mask who they really are. Report these turds to your state attorney general's office, and the FTC do-not-call list, if they call your phone.
 Oct 06th, 2008
We keep getting phone calls from this number. Our caller ID shows this to be Evans Glass. The area code puts them up around Seattle WA. We are on the national do not call list. These are telemarketer calls and they are violating federal law by calling us. They call repeatedly several times a day and leave no message. This is really annoying.
 Jan 01st, 2008
I have received over a dozen phone calls from this number. I, too, ignore calls from numbers I don't recognize. I belive this number is from a window company (sorry I forgot their name, it's located in Sandy, OR) who wants to come to your house and do a demo about their windows and then get you to puchase them. I had a call from a similar number and I made the mistake of answering it and ever since then they won't quit calling me.
Tired of Calls
 Jul 03rd, 2007
Called my husbands phone left no message. He won't answer calls from numbers he doesn't recognize.
 Jun 30th, 2007