I get these calls as well and the only way I was told to get them to stop is to select their option to speak to a live representative and tell them to stop calling as the automated response does nothing. I get the same recorded message from 4 different numbers, same area of the country. They're possibly a phishing scam to get your credit card numbers - GIVE NOTHING OUT. And as far as "asking" them not to call --- forget it. I did just that and within 2 days they were calling back. Make sure you are on the national do not call list, record ALL calls you get from them and report them. If we ALL complain, they'll stop eventually. Come on people, call blockers cost money. If we called THEIR numbers and asked for information, maybe they'd get the hint.
Had Enough
 Jan 31st, 2012
Cannot get this group to quit calling. Very rude to speak with.
 Jan 27th, 2012
This is another number for those low life CARD SERVICES!!!!! This time I pressed the #1 option and when they answered....i started pusing the number keys in their ear. Next time assholes, no matter where I am...it will be my referee whistle!!!!!
fed up
 Jan 12th, 2012