Telemarketer pitch for voicemail marketing system at calls asking you to call the same number back. Plays a long winded voice message without any human available then asks you to leave your name and number. Promoting a marketing system to generate cash flow. Claims thousands of dollars delivered to your door. Provides different people giving witness to making "4,000 in one day". Etc. This message plays for several minutes without providing the company or source of the call. They called my business number and were totally unwelcome to call me.

I'd like to shove a broom handle up these lying con artist's asses. The message is still playing now for about 5 minutes just babbling on believing me a sucker. The message is still playing now into 7 minutes without end of shoving information down my throat. I'm waiting to get the company or website involved in this scam. Stinking lying balls! "I want to talk to you right from the heart at the moment". another con artist line. The balls are hanging, the cock is dipped and these liars continue with their stinking shit! Only a dumb baboon could fall for this schtick, some kind of hypnotized zombie.
Pissed Off
 Oct 05th, 2012
These idiots won't stop calling my work number which is a cell. They use up all the message time with loud cracking noises.
 Jun 20th, 2012
Telemarketers. They call from this number every couple of weeks asking if I want to make lots of money. I HATE THESE JERKS.
 Dec 29th, 2011
Continual calls about learning to make more money
 Nov 03rd, 2010