This charity is rated very low for actual monies to research and treatment. Most of what is collected goes for expenses. You have to request the charity that they stop calling. I won't donate another dollar as a result of their low rating. I just wish they would stop calling or honor my request to remove me from their calling list.
 Mar 02nd, 2011
Got another call today....not sure how effective it is to tell them to stop calling, but I'm going to try it next time they ring me.
 Jul 07th, 2009
they keep calling us and need to stop
 Jul 07th, 2009
no message...i've been getting a lot of calls from points around the country lately, and no message from any of them.
Gene Carr
 Jul 07th, 2009
Caller left no message.
c s
 Jun 04th, 2009
Scam - asked why we cancelled paper trying to get credit card info. We did NOT cancel paper and this is not our provider. This is from SEA and we don't live there.
 May 31st, 2009