They called while in traffic, yelled at other drivers, they hung up hahaha, but I knew they were scammers, second time they called today from a different number.
 Jan 27th, 2017
When you say "No thank you" to their offer, they cuss at you and hang up with out saying goodbye. I know it's a scam but that was very unprofessional.
 Jan 25th, 2017
Scammer hangs up. Call back to see who called. Answers in a foreign voice as FEDERAL GRANTS DEPARTMENT, you have been chosen to receive a grant from the US Gov't. They will give you a code # to verify who you are. You tell them your age and verify your address. Then she tells you to call her supervisor and a different phone #. You call that # and it is another foreigner, this time a man. He takes your name and code # and asks you how do you want to receive your $? You have 3 choices. I chose Walmart gift card. He told me to go to Walmart and call him once I was in the parking lot. He said I would receive $9,000 as soon as I sent him $250 to cover the state taxes but that he was going to refund my $250 because he had the power to cancel those taxes but not until after I had paid them. I knew it was a scam and did not send him my $250.
 Jan 21st, 2017