This was a follow up call to a call I rec'vd yesterday saying a rep. would come to my house to present a check for $650,000 from American Family Sweepstakes thru Bank of America in Costa Rica. Today this person, identifying himself as Lt. ________, had my address wrong & spelled my name differently. He dropped the name of the woman "Lisa Martinez," who called yesterday. He asked me if I had gotten a call yesterday and what was asked. I told him she asked what I used to do, & I said I had retired as an LEO. He asked from where & I replied Central Florida. He name dropped that he had gone to high school in Polk County, FL. I asked him if this was a scam as today, the info he had was incorrect. He said he would check it & "People make mistakes" and he would call me back. Guess I'm not getting $650,000 after all[LOL] but it was amusing for me to banter with these people....
 Feb 21st, 2014