Seek action against phone scams like Card Services. Sign Resa's petition.

The FTC is having Robocall Summit on October 18th. For more info go to:

What To Do When You Get an Illegal Robocall;
1. Hang Up. Do not press 1 or any other numbers to get off the list.
2. Consider blocking the number
3. Report it at
4. Report it at
Register your phone numbers online at or call 888-382-1222 (must call from # you want removed).
 Oct 15th, 2012
You guys did a great job spending your time to create this article! If I had to explain my emotions about your website in only one word ? it would be WOW! Thank you! P.S. Subscribed for updates!
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 Oct 15th, 2012
Raoul, there's a big difference between a ''worthless'' regulator and one whith stretched resources. The FTC has more on its plate than creepy junk callers, but is meeting to address the problem in just over a week.

Agency Announces Robocall Summit to be Held October 18 in Washington, DC

Jack, we've had trashy illegal callers regardless of which party rules Congress and the White House. The fraud and theft which results is a widespread problem, but until they cause mass death they will always take a backseat to fights over oil company subsidies, undeclared wars, and forcing school children to be taught that Jesus Christ owned a pet dinosaur.
 Oct 11th, 2012
They keep calling, and calling, and calling, and, oddly enough, the Federal Trade Commission which consumes millions of out tax dollars cannot stop them. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO CURRENTLY HOLDS A POLITICAL OFFICE ON NOVEMBER 6, 2012!
 Oct 10th, 2012
This number showed up on the caller id yesterday.
 Oct 10th, 2012
All--this is an illegal robocaller. They use a variety of phone numbers. Do not call and ask to be put ona do not call list--they are more apt to try again--do not engage them in any way. Hang up and file a complaint with the FTC by going to this link:

The FTC is pretty worthless, but occasionally they will shut down a robocaller such as this. If they have enough documented cases, they may be willing to actually do the work necessary to stop these idiots.
 Oct 09th, 2012
Didn't answer; didn't leave message.
 Oct 08th, 2012
 Oct 06th, 2012
Getting phone calls from this number and others leaving the same similar message (credit card services). When a customer rep came on, I asked for the company's name. He hung up. I tried calling the number back and it is not a valid number. We are on a do not call list and are getting these calls/message 3 or 4 times a day.
 Oct 06th, 2012
Message saying this is financial services and it is the last time they will offer me an interest rate of six percent on all my credit cards
 Oct 05th, 2012
scammy call- same as below.
 Oct 05th, 2012
This is a recorded message threatening that this is the last chance and the last time to call with this offer. Yeah! Right,. I get this same number calling several times a week. Although the message changes it still claims they are calling from Credit Card Services. I wish I could actually talk to a human being to get them to stop calling us. They call at all times of the day and even I have had calls from them before 8am and after 9pm. Stop calling.
 Oct 05th, 2012