I also got lot of calls from these guys saying that they are getting signals of viruses from my computer and it has to be corrected and they are working for microsoft and they are genuion and they are working out of new york city.
They want me to switch on my computer and want them to access my laptop.
When i said that i do not have any computer at all, they started arguing and shouting on me that this is not possible and i am lying with them.
Then i said its rediculous and i cannot bear with u guys and i drop the call.
These are the numbers that i used to get call from and when i call them back, it says the phone is not in service.
dont belive in these people and don't share your computers / laptop to access.
 Dec 18th, 2013
My mobile number is on the Federal DNC list (I confirmed this today as well) ...this scam company, or however one wishes to refer to them, rang the first time (with 5 '0's attached to the end of the caller I.D.
Fortunately I searched and learned who/what they were before answering the 2nd time (only to confirm that they are still attempting the same crimes). Oh, yes they are! The boiler room operation may not be India, or they may be using more than one to attempt to steal your identity ... the person I talked with appeared to have more of an East Asian accent (possibly CN?) He specifically said that he was calling from
 Oct 19th, 2012
Called me saying my Windows software had some problems...I told hi I can address any computer problem because my family member can take care of it, works for Microsoft. Was mad at me. Called me with a threat that I will keep receiving calls through out the night from India.

He called again. I just said hello...then I did not respond at all...I hung up.
 Jun 05th, 2012
Indian woman said that she was calling from the 'Windows Service Center' about my Windows computer. Same call I've received with different telephone numbers. I've argued with the people on the other end of the phone before, but THIS time, I said I had a Mac. She said 'Oh Sorry to bother you' and hung up.

I will file a report with my state Attorney General and the FTC - again.
 May 25th, 2012
Malicious virus infection
C Plante
 May 16th, 2012
They claimed that they represented Microsoft and had found Malware on my computer.
Said the company name was PCCare.
His name was Peter Brown, but he talked with heavy Far East accent and could barely understand him.
He gave me a supposedly UK telephone number: G015-132-42616 (did not call it)
 May 05th, 2012
Who are these people? They are somewhere in Washington
 Apr 30th, 2012
I don't answer - glad to read here what this is about - wish I could answer with something that would harm them.
 Apr 26th, 2012
I love these guys. Each time they call it's an increasingly foreign person telling me they're getting error reports from my PC. I've been pretending to recognize their voices, and saying "Larry! You son of a bitch - how've you been?!?" And then go on to ask if Larry (Or Doug, or Debbie, generic American name) still has those dogs to sell me, as the last ones won me a lot of money in the Underwater Dog Fighting ring that I (don't) operate. I suggest you all do this, as it's fun and free. I've asked "Debbie" if she'd be willing to drop off that box of "F**k Books" I let her husband Greg borrow last month. I told "Dave Robinson" that *I* in fact had been getting error reports from HIS computer, and that my name was in fact Tarbosh, here to fix his problem (a computer curse) if he'll only send me 1/2 pints of goat's blood. I should be recording these.
 Apr 20th, 2012
I picked up the phone and said Hello once. Had to wait for someone to talk so figured it had autodialed. Caller said he was calling from "Windows".. I said "No You're Not". He insisted he was. I said "You must have the wrong number. I have not logged a case". He had my name and number and said he was calling about my computer. I said "No You're Not". Mr Cool lost his cool and yelled he was calling about my computer and I could talk to him or not... Dunno what else he said as I hung up. Given the fact I work for a computer company and tech support does not block caller id, it was pretty clear "unassigned" was not up to anything good.
 Apr 14th, 2012
No voice on line.
 Apr 12th, 2012
SCAM - Don't fall for it! Robo Call, silence, then a Fake Microsoft computer repair technician answers with a claim that your computer is sending virus reports out to Microsoft. If you follow their instructions, your computer will no longer work at all. To have them "fix" it afterward costs $100 by credit card. Computer still will not work, and they keep control of it. People who have fallen for this have had thousands charged against their card with no way to recover lost money. They will not stop calling if you ask them to stop. Please report all calls to your State Attorney General's Office, FCC and FTC. An international cyber crime case against the criminals is in progress. They also claim you have won a $1000 Walmart gift card if you pay processing fees. It will cost you more than $1000 if you give them your information.
 Apr 10th, 2012
This number has call 5 times in the last two day. Does anyone know what type of, if it is, scam this is. Has anyone gotten them to stop calling??
 Mar 30th, 2012
Repeated robo calls. I finally answered but no one was there.
 Mar 27th, 2012
International cyber crimes investigation open against multiple individuals. Please report details of all calls from this number to your national and regional law enforcement, communications and trade authorities. To prevent monetary loss and identity theft, do not give personal information to these callers.
 Mar 21st, 2012
After much background noise, an Indian accented man told me that he had been receiving error reports from my computer. I know better than that, told him he's wrong and hung up.
 Mar 18th, 2012
Claimed he was knowledgeable about what type of computer & operating system I had on my computer. Said there was some problem with Microsoft & their techs could fix. Asked him what kind of computer I had & all he could answer was that I had Microsoft. Told him he didn't know what he was talking about & HUNG UP!
 Mar 09th, 2012
I heard background sounds that sounded like a home or quiet office but nobody responded to repeated 'hello's.
 Mar 09th, 2012
Scam! Had my phone company trace the call and forward details to authorities.
 Mar 09th, 2012
Previously reported computer intrusion, credit card and identity theft SCAM. Claimed to be computer repair company. Reports from Microsoft concerning virus messages received from my computer. Repairs covered by warranty. Told me open Eventvwr, which always shows errors and warnings. Told me the number of errors and warnings meant my computer was infected by viruses and spyware. Had me open Prefetch folders. This always shows many folders which actually are used to make Windows run faster. Told me the number of folders meant my computer was infected by virus and spyware. Had me open the Run dialog from the Start menu, then had me type, attempting to convince me to install remote administration software. Asked me to read the numbers on the screen, which included an ID and my IP address. I said I had trouble with the program install. He asked me to run Gave me a code to setup the software, again attempting to convince me to install remote administration software. I spoke with the Arizona State Attorney General's Office and filed a formal complaint. A cyber crimes investigation is open and forwarded to FTC and FCC by AZAG. Please do the same in your state so these people will be prosecuted. They have taken credit card numbers and personal information from victims who fell for their SCAM.
 Mar 09th, 2012
They won't stop calling me!
 Mar 06th, 2012
What part of "Don't call me again!" are you finding difficult to understand? Computer fraud remote access scam.
 Mar 06th, 2012
Continued multiple calls from a caller claimed to be repairing my Microsoft Windows computer under warranty. I don't use any Microsoft products. I said not to call me again, and told him I was aware of his scam. The caller ignored me and tried to convince me to allow remote administration via using a code he gave to me. When I said I had problems with that site, he switched to and tried to get me to install another remote admin utility. He claimed both sites indicated my Microsoft service warranty had expired. I hung up, then he called twice more a few minutes later.
 Mar 06th, 2012
First they said they were microsoft. Then they said they were an "official Microsoft Client". Wanted to connect to my computer (my old one not my new one) because there were errors they needed to fix. When I said absolutely not, he thanked me and hung up.
 Mar 04th, 2012
Repeat scam call, pretending to be Microsoft Customer Service. Asked for access to my computer so he could service it because Microsoft is receiving error messages from my computer. I don't use Microsoft products. I have again asked them to stop calling me. They acted like they didn't hear me and continued giving me urgent instructions. When I repeatedly said to stop calling me, the operator resorted to extreme profanity.
 Mar 01st, 2012
Another Computer service scam from India. Asked to turn on my Windows computer so he can check it under warranty repair. Acted like he didn't understand when I told him to stop calling me. Persisted with attempts to convince me until I hung up.
 Feb 29th, 2012
New twist - instead of asking for computer access, they say they are a security company. Very heavy Indian accented woman asking if I have a security system, and which one it is, and offering $100 in cash to convert to theirs.
 Feb 22nd, 2012
Recieved many calls from this number in the last several days. They want remote access to one of our computers.
They claim the computer is infected with a virus and they can fix it. This is a SCAM, their trying to access personal information contained on the computer. I have reported them to the authorities.
 Feb 18th, 2012
I've received many calls from this number...sounds like an Indian accent. They are very vague as to why they are calling...something about the computer. When I asked too many questions they hung up. I'm still receiving calls and when we dont pick up we hear a voice that says "goodbye" then it disconnects. SCAM
 Feb 16th, 2012
Received two calls from this number last night. After reading on here that it was a scam, I picked up the second call.

As others have said, it was someone (in my case, a man with a thick Indian accent) who stated that he worked for Microsoft. He claimed that my computer had been infected by a virus and was also part of a bot network. I could barely contain my laughter as he said that he needed me to turn remote sharing on, turn my firewalls off, and supply my username and ID so that he could access my computer to "disinfect" it.

Anyway, I gave him false info and pretended like I was a computer novice. He spent 20 minutes trying to talk me through the procedure to allow him onto my computer, while I kept saying "I don't see that button on my screen. Can you go through that again?" Finally, I said, "I have a Mac. Is that why you can't get on?"

To his credit, the scammer kept his cool, but he was gritting his teeth as he said "Yes, that's the reason. Thank you for your time, but I can't help you. Goodbye!" and I said "No, thank YOU for your time!"

Normally, I wouldn't waste my time like this, but this was just too good an opportunity to pass up. :-D
 Feb 15th, 2012
Have had three calls from this number female with Easterner dialect. She wanted to work on my computer. When asked for a return phone number she hung up. Next time I said I need to put my recorder on, she hung up. Definitely a scam!!!
 Feb 13th, 2012
Same dirtbag MO as the rest of the vics mention below. We will not answer phone when and if they call back again. SCAMMERS...This website is very helpful....
 Feb 13th, 2012
Stating that my computer was sending a virus back to Microsoft and that he was from Wanted me to turn on my computer so he could fix it. Also, gave me a number to call him back at 847-531-9241 when I asked to verify that they were legitimate.
 Feb 11th, 2012
This is a scam. They call with a heavy foreign accent saying there is something wrong with your computer and they will send someone out to fix it. Some friends of mine live in retirement homes, and these d-bags have been calling these vulnerable people claiming they can fix their computers, while most of of these people do not even own computers.

I tried calling the number back and the line is always busy.

Total scam. Block this number.
Jim Rockford
 Feb 09th, 2012
Got same calls too! I stopped answering the phone and now I'll just let the vm run on their calls. Makes these guys run up a charge, and if they're overly persistent, they eventually get traced and caught. Contacting the FBI? Maybe, I don't know. It seems that these people are trying to fly way under the radar of government surveillance, and are thus targeting and preying upon single technologically-unaware individuals. Maybe a good idea is to carefully document and tape-record the calls in order to keep a good timestamped papertrail. If the callers turn out to be Pakistani-based, then maybe enough people crying CyberTerrorism! CyberTerrorism! will finally bring some national attention to this.
 Feb 08th, 2012
This number has been calling two or three times a day. If I answer, no one comes on the line then I get the computer saying "good bye". If I call back it is busy.
 Feb 07th, 2012
Have received calls from this # 3 times this morning. Looked it up and it is a scam - someone who claims your home computer is infected and sending out error messages. Person then tries to get access to your computer. People have reported that these calls really originate in India or Pakistan. Do not answer!!!!
Fed Up
 Feb 04th, 2012
I receive calls from this number every other day no message and no one talks.
 Jan 30th, 2012