I have gotten text messages on my cell phone from this phone number on several occasions and they usually text something like "WUSUP" and until this time I ignored them. This time I replied with a text message asking who this was and they replied "Alexus, lol @TeammmTwerkkkk! A$tunnaTerk!". Then a few seconds later I got another text from this number saying, "This, isaiah righ? @TeammmTwerkk! A%tunnaTerk!"

I texted back that I was on the DO NOT CALL LIST and if they texted me again I would report them and they would be fined.

Is this company trolling cell phone numbers hoping they will get replies and then gathering the caller name and phone number to compile a phone directory? Now I wish I hadn't replied and am worried that my cell phone name and number are going to end up getting published in an online directory somewhere.
 Dec 19th, 2009