This is spam!!!!!! they will send you some checks to cash and send it to people to russia and keep 5% of the check and send the rest. then they will send you the "paycheck" that is not real
 Mar 11th, 2014
I received a similar email with this guy Adrain send me all kinds of information about this Cresta crap. What do I do? Do I tell him to go to hell. Omg this is very scary
 Feb 12th, 2014
I had a friend in London call the real Cresta and they said they do not have any employee named Adrian and that people had been calling them for weeks about this. They do not know who the person is but said not to speak to him and to contact the police if you sent personal information
Kit Soo
 Feb 11th, 2014
Okay so I always check my spam mail because I sometimes get important emails sent to my spam, I use Yahoo. So I got an email insisting on me signing documents and that they have my resume, and want me to join their travel team.????? They keep bothering me. What do I do ? It's from a guy named Ad Laweyn, Holiday travel agency - for a Coordinator ? I've worked for many comapanies, and i know how emails are sent, and i know the formats ext. So this guy put HrManager on subject line. LMAO Woo puts Hr and Manager together like that Illiterate ass matha fuckers. WTF who are these people?. They can be smart enough to try and hack, but they can't use them skills to get a Job? wtf. This guy He emailed me several times today ... How did they get my resume ? I mean I could care less what they have because it doesn't really show anything. LOL but who are these people, we need to get them caught. Invasion of privacy I say . Always beware of what you send out to people, I'm glad I don't put much Info on my resume. It's all stored in my brain SO HAAA to Whoever you fuckers are .!!! Its just weird how people are so lame enough to go into someone else's life . How lame is that, That? These people can't get their own shit LOL fucken stupid if i'd say .


 Feb 03rd, 2014
I received an email today from "Adrian Laweyn" from this email address: I also believe this is a scam. There are several reasons. The person used broken English and had misspellings. They claim to have contacted me before, but I doubt they did. Apparently (though the last copyright to their website update was 2008), Cresta World Travel is a business located in the UK ( Their real email address reflects that: Therefore, using an email address with endings like "", "" etc. is a huge red flag. They have one location only and do not have any locations in the US. I am positive they got my name/email from CareerBuilder. If you have a resume posted there, it is likely where they got yours too. Beware!
 Jan 28th, 2014
I received numerous emails from Adrian Laweyn as well. Very persistent and almost sounded angry I was unable to respond right away. He sent me employment application forms. I think Cresta Holidays is an actual travel agency but I didn't know if the email was legit or a scam. Is there anyway someone can verify its legitimate? The person who posted previously said it was a scam. How do you know? I can really use the job if it's the real deal. Thank you.
 Jan 25th, 2014
I have been rec'ing many emails stating If Id like to take on a new position as a travel coordinator the man is by the name of Adrian Laweyn and every time he emails me he begins to be more persistant and has attached documents for me to fill out requestin information, the name of the so called fake company is cresta holidays

Email is then its a scam please be aware and pass the information on! Caller: cresta holidays
 Jan 20th, 2014