My boyfriend received a phone call from this number. The guy said his name was Brad Ferguson from US Bank Corporate. He knew my boyfriends social security number, his arrest record, and his history with US Bank. My boyfriend had had his account with US Bank cancelled in 2009 because of overdrafts. "Brad Ferguson" claimed that they were going to press felony charges for bank fraud against him. He gave my boyfriend several options one of them being that he could send $530 via this phone number in order to avoid the charges.

My boyfriend told him he didn't have the money so Brad said we could call back by 7:00. While we were getting the money we called US Bank and they said this number was not from the US Bank main offices and even if it was this call sounded very suspicious. I called my lawyer and he said it sounded like a scam as well. We called the police and reported it.
 Apr 02nd, 2013