I don't think filing a complaint on any of these jerks does a bit of good. Every week, I get a whole new batch of calls. We really need to raise holy h*ll about phone companies that do not provide us with tools to block them altogether, and they could, but they like getting the profits from these people and the government needs to outright outlaw them, but they won't because they are getting their pockets lined by them. This "do not call" list is a joke. I'm on it, have been on it from the beginning and none of these calls have stopped. All they have done is continued on as they did before the list was created. I feel like I am paying for a phone to be just purely harassed by these type of calls. And I don't want the charities calling either or the political calls!!!!!!! Yeah....I'm frustrated right now. 3 calls today and it isn't even 10 am yet!
 Apr 01st, 2010
Message said that this is a onetime call offering to do debt reduction! We will see about the one time call! Reporting them to the Do Not Call!
 Mar 29th, 2010
Don't know who these pile of shit individuals are but I have filed a Federal Complaint. No answer when calling them back. Call my cell phone and I catch you? I will show you how to win in Court! Pieces of Shit!
 Mar 24th, 2010