After 5 calls in one day (3 or may days in a row), I google this number and found that it was Wells Fargo Bank. Call number 4 I answered to have no one respond. Call number 5 I answered. After saying hello three times and starting to hang up, someone responded by saying that he was calling for Wells Fargo Bank. They wanted me to make an overdue payment over the phone. I told him that I would not make a payment over the phone to someone I did not know. He kept telling me that I needed to make the payment and also wanted to know why I had not made the payment. To this, I also said that I would not give this information to a stranger. I then told them that all of the phone calls with no message and no one answering had me thinking it was a scam to find out if I was home. I informed the caller that I was at the point of calling the sheriff's office to report the incident. He told me that his call was legitimate and that the call was being recorded. WOW! THAT MADE ME FEEL BETTER!!
 May 04th, 2011